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Exclusive Interview With Zane Penn

I've blogged about Zane twice before. The first was after his work for Maverick Men and then a couple days ago after he announced that he has left GayHoopla and is now a Cocky Boy.
I've had the pleasure of chatting with Zane via Twitter and email mostly about mainstream acting stuff, that's what he wants to do and what he is working on transitioning to, and let me say Zane is one of the nicest, most humble and down to Earth guys I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with and, I am making this vow in front of over 20,000 readers, I will do whatever I can to help him transition to mainstream acting and make those dreams a reality. Anything I'm casting that I think he may fit, Zane will get an audition invite.
Anyway, I asked Zane if he would be interested in being interviewed for the blog and, much to my delight, he agreed and let me say, he more than delivered on his end and gave an interview that is full of insight into this amazing young man who, thankfully, hasn't let the delusions or grandeur that a lot of young performers fall into, overtaken him.
Well enough yacking from me. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is my interview with, I'm just going to go ahead and call it now so awards shows get the trophies ready, the porn performer with the best personality, best ass, best smile and best body in the business, ladies and gentlemen Mr. Zane Penn!

JOE:Okay let's just start right off. How did you get into the industry and why did you choose to go into gay porn? Do you have any desire to cross over and do straight porn at all? 
ZANE: The question of how I got into the industry is one I get a lot. It's really not something I looked into. It just kind of fell on my lap so to speak. I had a profile on a social site for people that work out and Fratmen found it. They messaged me asking me if I'd be interested in modeling. I was curious and asked what they had in mind but when they told me about the solo I knew that it wasn't modeling but porn. I told them no thank you and turned them away but they were persistent. I was sleeping in my car at this time and was running out of money so eventually I relented. Then they brought me out to Arizona and the rest is history. As far as crossing over goes I'm not interested in doing straight porn. I have no desire to immerse myself in that world. 
JOE:  You started out at Fratpad and then Corbin Fisher before going to Gayhoopla, any particular reason why you worked for those companies? Were you a fan of the studios or they just seemed like the best fit for you? Some of the other Corbin Fisher models have done work for Reality Kings' Dare Dorm and/or Dick Dorm line, could we possibly see Zane Penn in a Dare Dorm or Dick Dorm scene?
ZANE: The order of the studios was more by chance then anything. I started at Fratpad because thats who recruited me first. When they kicked me out I went back to college but soon lost interest. I then started looking for other studios that would pay me for a solo and was talking to Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher. The reason I went to Corbin Fisher is because Sean Cody turned me away when I got to San Francisco because of the burns on my body. They said that it would look like they were taking advantage of me comparing me to someone who is handicapped. So Corbin Fisher flew me out to Las Vegas and had me do a solo and the guy/girl scene. Then they brought me out again for my first top and bottom guy/guy scenes. I then took a break and was trying to get back into Fratmen so I contacted the old recruiter who at that point was working for Gay Hoopla. I decided that because of the distance and pay that I was going to leave Corbin Fisher for good and work for Gay Hoopla. And thats why the order. As far as doing something for Dare Dorm or Dick Dorm goes I probably won't. I'm on my way from transitions from porn to mainstream and am going to be signing an exclusive contract for Cocky Boys who is going to help me transition.
JOE: You recently signed a contract with Cocky Boys and it seems like this announcement came days after Gayhoopla released your scene with Clay Anker, is that a coincidence? And how did you get involved with Cocky Boys and what made you want to sign with them?
ZANE: I haven't yet signed the contract because I'm still waiting on Cocky Boys to send it. As for the scene of me and Clay coming out the same day that was a total coincidence. That scene was shot in the beginning of April and was the last thing I did for Gay Hoopla. As for getting involved with Cocky Boys I was introduced to them by Ducati Models. They sent out some emails to some people when I signed with them to kind of direct my porn career. Cocky Boys actually was the first company to show interest and immediately wanted to work with me. They saw that I wanted to be an actor and decided that I would be perfect for there movies that they make. I decided to sign with them because what they do can ultimately help me in the long run and because it’s hard to get accepted and even more rare to be wanted by Cocky Boys.
JOE: When you worked for Fratpad you were known as Dolph and then at Corbin Fisher you were known as Liam, now I use various stage names myself but I'm just curious, did you pick those names or were you named by the studios? Do you have a favorite stage name? Is Zane Penn the one you'll be using for a while and how did you come up with that name?
ZANE: When I was at the pad I was the one that came up with Dolph. I felt like that name suited my Romanian heritage. At Corbin we actually sat there trying to decide what I looked like name wise without using a name that’s already been used. It was tough but we decided on Liam because it seemed to fit. Zane Penn was kind of a joke name that we came up at Gay Hoopla to poke at Fratmen Zane from the Frat Pad. Fratmen Zane isn't a nice guy so I wanted to take his name and make it my own so that anytime someone was talking about Zane it would be Zane Penn and not Fratmen Zane. I wanted this to bother Fratmen Zane and considering the fact that I hear they can't stop talking about me at the pad I'd say it’s working.
JOE: In your involvement in the industry so far, who has been your favorite scene partner and studio to work for?
ZANE: Gay Hoopla has definitely been my favorite studio to work with because there was a sense of friendship and nobody took anything too seriously. My favorite scene partner would have to be Ryan Winter because when we shot my bottom scene he was very easy to work with and the shoot only took us 1.5 hours.
JOE: Do you get to pick the sexual role you play in the scenes, i.e. top, bottom, vers and the scene partner or is that decided by the studios?
ZANE: In every scene I've done the sexual role and scene partners have been given to me. Basically studios pair up models based on fan responses and the popularity of certain models. Also if you have a nice butt that everyone likes then you're more likely to bottom. The thing I try to do is be versatile so that I can get more scenes and to be comfortable working with anyone.
JOE: Do you get to pick the sexual role you play in the scenes, i.e. top, bottom, vers and the scene partner or is that decided by the studios?
ZANE: In every scene I've done the sexual role and scene partners have been given to me. Basically studios pair up models based on fan responses and the popularity of certain models. Also if you have a nice butt that everyone likes then you're more likely to bottom. The thing I try to do is be versatile so that I can get more scenes and to be comfortable working with anyone.
JOE: Is there any scene partner or studio you've worked for that you do not want to work with again?
ZANE: The only studio I've done a scene with that I wouldn't again is Maverick Men. The scene left me a little wounded in the back end for a week after. It was a lot rougher then I was used to but they were both cool guys.
JOE: Any tricks you do when you do not have good chemistry with a scene partner? What do you do to prepare for a scene? Do you and your partner talk and get to know each other a little before hand?
ZANE: I don't believe in bad chemistry. If you're not jiving with a model then it's not a problem they have but a problem you have. I stay very relaxed and light hearted so that any model can feel comfortable. I usually make a lot of jokes to ease everyone but when the scene starts its all business. I don't usually get to know my scene partner because I haven't had any repeats.
JOE: You are repped by both 211 Models and Ducati Models. Why two reps? Do they focus on different aspects of your career, i.e. one for porn and one for mainstream? For those who aren't in the industry explain what exactly your reps do for you and your career and do you think it is important for a porn star to be represented?
ZANE: The reason I have two reps is because one is for porn and the other for mainstream. Each one focuses on different aspects of my career. Ducati Models are the reason for my Cocky Boys contract and are very good at negotiating in the porn arena. 211 Models is working on my modeling/acting career. We are currently working on a way to use my back story to open up doors. Each person has a separate role but the two work together toward the ultimate goal of helping me become an actor. If you are in the industry and have popularity as a model I think that representation is important. That way you have someone negotiating contracts, scene rates, and any other bonuses. As a model your main focus should be your fans not what studio and what contracts you need to get. Let the people with experience take care of the small details because you'll go farther then you would have.
JOE: Do your family and/or friends know about your career porn? If so, how'd you tell them? If they don't know, is it tough keeping it from them? Do you worry they'll find out?
ZANE: My whole home town knows about my porn career but fortunately for me I'm not the only porn model from my home town. There is a girl that has done more porn then me so she has everyone’s attention for now. My family and friends also know and they found out because I told a guy who I thought I could trust that then turned around and told everyone. At first I really cared but now I'm more concerned with where I'm going and less worried about what some small town kids think.
JOE: Going off that, what advice, if any, do you have on how someone can tell their family and friends they do porn?
ZANE: If you do porn and you’re not 100% committed to the role you play then there is no easy way to tell people but if you don't care what people will say then it makes it easier. What models need to keep in mind is that straight or gay a video that you are paid to do doesn't define you. Porn is a commodity that everyone consumes and no one condones. At the end of the day you have to live with your choices and if you can do that then other people don't matter. Your parents are your parents and although they may not be thrilled they will still back you up. As for your friends if they can't accept that you shoot porn then find new friends that encourage you or don't care.
JOE: I recently auditioned for a non-sex role in a porn parody and my readers found that process fascinating. Can you tell us what an audition is like for gay porn? Do you have to audition for each scene you do or do the studios just offer you scenes? Did you audition when you first joined the studios you worked for? What was that like?
ZANE: When it comes to gay porn there isn't really any audition. All they want is for you to be confident and follow direction. I was pretty comfortable with the whole process and like anything the more scenes you do the better you get and the less direction you need.
JOE: Is it hard to balance a relationship and social life while being in the industry? How do you do it?
ZANE: That’s a funny question because I don't have a social life. I do have a relationship with a girl and keeping the two separate is easy. If I have to travel I say it’s for a modeling shoot. The fact that I am repped by two agencies is also beneficial in hiding where I get my money from. Rule of thumb is the less moving parts you have the easier it is to keep porn a secret.
JOE: You also work as a personal trainer. Tell me more about that. How long have you been doing it? Where do you do it? What type of clients do you work for?
ZANE: The personal training is just something I do on the side. I've been doing it for about 2 years on and off. The problem with being Zane Penn and a personal trainer is that most of my clients want to pay me for other things besides training and they don't focus on the workouts. I do two types of training. I do online progress tracking and updates. I give these clients workouts and diets. I also do house call/gym training. This is for clients that live in the area.
JOE: You're obviously very into fitness and take it seriously, is fitness modeling a potential next step we could see from you?
ZANE: Fitness modeling is definitely on the horizon. It's something that I've been aspiring to do along with becoming a supplement company spokes model.
JOE: Going off that, you and I have talked a little about your mainstream acting dreams. Tell me about that. How long have you wanted to be an actor? Why do you want to be an actor? What kind of experience do you have? Can fans see you in any mainstream films or TV? Do you think your involvement with porn could help or hinder you?
ZANE: My aspiration to be an actor has been with me since I was little. I never thought I'd be able to but after doing all the porn and modeling I think that I can transition that to acting. The reason I want to act is so that I can do something that is a mark of my potential and success. I don't have any experience yet but working with Cocky Boys on their movies I think I can get some good practice. Fans may be able to see me in a Canadian Indie Horror movie. I've been thrown the proposition of playing the monster so we'll see. I do think that done the right porn can help me become an actor so I'm making sure that I'm making all the right moves.
JOE: Do you have any plans for when your time in porn is up? Would you ever direct porn? How long do you think, or do you want, to be in the industry?
ZANE: My time in porn is definitely on its last leg. I'll be with Cocky Boys for about a year and then that'll be it. By that time I should be doing more acting/modeling. I don't think I'll ever direct porn but I may open up my own agency one day.
JOE: What do you do in your free time?
ZANE: In my free time I workout and draw. I'm really good at portrait art and find it very relaxing. I also like to read books on topics that interest me and also love to cook.
JOE: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about, or just entering the world of gay porn?
ZANE: If there is one thing that I could say to someone thinking about or is entering gay porn is to stay true to who you are. No one likes a phony. Most of my success comes from the fact that I have been honest about who I am and how I treat people. I'm human and make sure the fans can see it. As a model you’re not above your fans because without them you don't have a job. Also I would tell them to make sure that they have a clear picture of what brand they want to build and then work with studios that fit that brand.
JOE: If you could go back in time and tell a younger you that one day you'd be doing porn what do you think your younger self would say? How would your younger self react?
ZANE: If I told myself that I would one day be doing porn I think that I would say I was crazy and then do everything possible to not let it happen. But then again I was more naive and small minded back then so that wouldn't be a fair assessment. I think that I came into porn for a reason and that I'll ultimately end up being something else in the end.
JOE: How can fans reach you or keep in contact with what you’re doing?
ZANE: If fans want to reach me they can email me at or hit me up on twitter @zane_penn. I'll always do my best to respond to fans. I'll definitely put up an Instagram and Facebook eventually. I also want to thank you for this interview and the opportunity to share my thoughts. Also thank you to my fans for the support and love. I hope to be able to do something one day to express my gratitude for a few lucky followers.
Zane, I want to thank you for agreeing to the interview. I hope you guys have enjoyed my interview with, probably, the nicest guy in the industry. That is why he is going to go far!

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