Monday, May 4, 2015

Spotlight On Josh Vaughn

Ah Josh Vaughn. This guy was always one of my favorites. A beautiful, nicely muscled blonde hunk with a cute dick and a perfect bubble ass who would fuck and get fucked on camera, Josh reminds me of Brandon Wilde, not only with their builds but also their attitudes. Man, how hot would it be to see those do two a scene together?
There's not a lot of information out there on Josh, and even though I know his real name-we're Facebook friends-I'm not going to include it but I will say his last name is a great sounding porn name!

Josh first debuted back in 2005. He mostly worked for Chi Chi LaRue and Rascal Video but he also did some stuff for Afton Nills using the names Joss Vonn and Josh Vonn.
Vaughn also had a blowjob simulator made of his mouth which was sold at LaRue's store in West Hollywood, though I haven't been in there for a while so I don't know if the product is still available but people went nuts over it!
Josh was well liked in the industry and fans always commented on how nice he was and how he was more than happy to pose for a picture or sign autographs.
I don't know if they are still together but Vaughn was dating fellow porn performer Cameron Marshall and they were regarded as the cutest gay porn couple. In an interview, Marshall said that it was Vaughn who introduced him to porn directors and got him into the business.

Judging from Vaughn's posts on Facebook, he never let the industry or the idea that he was a porn "star" suck him too far in. It seemed that he was in the industry strictly to pay for medical school and once he was done that was it; the last Josh Vaughn video was released in 2011 and he hasn't appeared in any new scenes since.
Currently he lives in Texas, where he's originally from, and is working, proudly, in the medical field following his dreams and proving that the industry does not fuck up everyone who is a part of it and that people can have a normal life and existence outside of it.