Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Andrew Christian Model Jeffrey Hawkins Raising Money For Habitat For Humanity

Now this is the kind of online fundraising campaign I can get behind and am happy to share, not like some of these internet panhandlers who are begging idiots to give them money for cars, furnishing apartments and weddings-oh yeah, I'm gonna be calling some people out in a minute and making enemies but I don't give a fuck. But enough about that, let's highlight someone who's actually doing something.
Andrew Christian model Jeffrey Hawkins, and yes I know he doesn't do porn but since there are porn stars who model for Andrew and, come on folks we've all seen the softcore commercials and jerked off to them and the barely there dental floss-I mean underwear-these boys wear, I don't feel too bad sharing it here. Anyway, Jeffrey has worked with Habitat For Humanity before, going to Ethiopia and building houses and now he is raising $5000 to go to Nepal and help rebuild after the devastating earthquakes and I applaud him for that.
Jeffrey I hope you raise your goal and then some! If you'd like to share or donate here's the link: https://share.habitat.org/jeffrey-hawkins-jrcwp-2015cwp-volunteers
Thank you for doing this and putting those who truly are less fortunate and don't have our luxuries before your own needs!


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