Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sean Cody's Jayden To Be At Minneapolis Pride Next Month

It's going to be a good pride for those of you who live in Minneapolis. A couple days ago Jayden from Sean Cody posted this picture on Reddit:
with the announcement that he is going to be on a float next month during Minneapolis' gay pride parade.
Great, now I have to come up with the money to book a ticket to Minneapolis and pray this pride parade doesn't interfere with the play I'm doing next month. God. Hashtag porn problems haha.
Anyway, congrats Jayden. Being in the pride parades are a lot of fun; I was lucky enough to be in the LA Pride Parade my first year in town and it was extra special because it was my first pride.
And for those of you in Minneapolis, I have never been more jealous of you fuckers than I am right now, and I say fuckers with love. ;)


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