Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nina Hartley Interviewed For Cosmo

Let's just continue with some Nina Hartley appreciation shall we.
So a while back, I posted a link to a new Cosmo column called Sex Work which spotlights women who work in the sex industry in a positive light; which I am all for.
Well this week's article is all about Nina Hartley and, even if you aren't a fan of hers or don't know who she is-is there anyone out there who can raise their hand to those two statements?-I highly suggest reading it.
It is an amazing article in which Nina talks about how she got in the industry, why she's still working in her 50s and about loving and being comfortable with your body. Nina also reveals how long she was in a polyamorous relationship with a man and another woman-it's a lot longer than you probably think-and also gives us the answers to why she now always wears lingerie or stockings in her scene and why she doesn't do anal sex on camera anymore. We also find out why she never pursued her career as a nurse despite the fact that she graduated from nursing school magna cum laude and got her license her first try taking the test.
To read the article, which I highly recommend, go here:


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