Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review Of Filthy's Peeping Tom 4 Featuring Lielani And Levi Steele

I wanted to like this one. I really did. Lielani is a beautiful Asian with amazing breasts and a very hot body and, as fans of softcore know, Levi has a great body, amazing ass and very impressive cock. I though finally we get to see his big cock fully hard and see him actually fucking. Plus I know Levi personally and who among us hasn't been curious about how their friends fuck?
Unfortunately this scene from Filthy's Peeping Tom 4 is pretty sub-par and actually boring. I would post pictures but unfortunately, even though you can find them online, for some reason they have some kind of code or are embedded so I'm not able to save them or post them to this blog, maybe if I get a more tech savvy friend I'll do a follow up post but if you really want to see just google Levi Steel Porn or Levi Steele Peeping Tom 4 and you'll find that and the video.
Anyway, onto the review.
First for the pros of the scene. As I said, Levi and Lielani are both very hot and I think all of us softcore fans always fantasize about what our favorite actors and actresses look like naked and how they actually fuck so there's that, unfortunately because the scene's so boring, much like The Beverly Lynne and Glen Meadows' sex tape, the naughty novelty of seeing softcore stars in a hardcore scene wears off and gets old quick.
The camera work is good and keeps with the whole voyeuristic peeping Tom theme with handheld camera work, the director hiding and lots of far away positions with the camera zoomed in close. It does feel like we're watching a leaked sex tape, until the very end when we hear the director actually direct Levi and utter these words loud and clear: "Lift her ass. There you go. Perfect." I actually laughed at that little blooper.
Now for the cons. As I said it's boring. Both of them are too quiet for my liking. Lielani seems into it at the beginning and makes some noise but by the end she's fallen into the old overacting fake porn actress moans trap that most result to and, with Levi being so quiet through it, Lielani's reactions are almost laughable and farce like.
Levi is the biggest culprit of being quiet. He makes almost no sounds, doesn't really talk and he has the same bored look and expression on his face. I don't know if he did this scene because he just really wanted to fuck Lielani or he owed the director a favor or just really needed the money but I found myself thinking, "man, Levi I know you and love you and think you're hot but Goddamn, big cock and nice ass aside, you seem like such a boring fuck." I like to see facial expression and hear genuine moans from performers and I've seen Levi perform hotter scenes in his softcore films and even his Foursome episode was hotter than this but he's also quiet in those genres so maybe he's just a quiet boring fuck, I don't know, I've never fucked him.
All in all, the scene feels longer than twenty-four minutes, does not offer any rewatchability factor and I found myself checking the time to see how much longer there was left, wishing that Levi would just hurry up and cum.
I would say check it out if you are a Lielani or Levi Steele fan or if you're curious about what he's like in a hardcore scene but I would suggest he just stick to the softcore genre and his stand up comedy gigs.
Unfortunately I have to give this one a D. The only thing that keeps it from getting an F is Lielani's hotness and Levi's big dick.


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