Thursday, May 7, 2015

The ETO Award Nominations Were Announced Today....Here Are My Thoughts

Okay, so The ETO Awards were finally announced today after some, I guess set backs with getting the May issue out and I honestly don't know how I feel about the list of nominees, not just because I wasn't nominated but because of the lack of diversity in the nominations and I'm not talking about race diversity although I will say the nominations seem very white bread to me but the lack of men that are nominated. That's right, I'm going there and I'm probably going to get some angry comments or Facebook and Twitter messages from the hardcore wannabe "feminists" who aren't really feminists but just bitter sex starved man haters, but I am taking a stand and saying shame on you ETO's for excluding men and, gay oriented stores in your awards! Aside from a small number of products for men and maybe four or five men-and I may be being gracious with that number-every single nomination was either a woman or something specifically for a woman.
Okay, now I have no problem with an award show wanting to spotlight women and celebrate women products that's fine, but then fucking call it that and advertise it as such.
In the adult industry blog nominations, out of all the amazing bloggers we have out there, there were two nominations. Yeah. two. Both women and both blogs were ones I had never heard of.
In the category for best erotic author category-and this is the one that really chapped my ass-there were six nominees; again all women and one of the nominees was that fucking E.L. James. As soon as I saw her name I was glad I was NOT nominated in that category because I don't want people to think that the books I write are the same pieces of shit she writes. It's just a little disheartening to me as someone who has written a lot of good erotica and who's work has been nominated for awards, including a LAMBDA, to see someone who not only plagiarized her work from another poorly written series, but has also given a bad name and a false representation to the BDSM community and has written a book, not about female empowerment, but about rape and a man's FORCEFUL empowerment against a woman that can only be described as a misogynist's wet dream.
So maybe I lucked out because the only thing worse than losing a nomination to E.L. James is losing the award to E.L. James.
I know I probably sound bitter and I don't mean to come across that way but just seeing the huge bias of the ETO Awards-and I know, believe me, that every award show has bias-just kind of put a bad taste in my mouth because it seems they don't even have the sense or smarts to hide it.
Oh well, guess I should get to plagiarizing so I can get a nomination, millions of dollars and a bad wannabe softcore film made. Now which Goosebumps or Fear Street novel should I turn into a glorified rapist's fantasy? Leave me some thoughts below.
And I promise, I won't vent or go off like this very much, just needed to get my thoughts out. :)