Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review Of The New Couple Featuring Austin Keyes And Michael Cummings

Just when I thought he couldn't get any better or raise the bar any higher, I watch Austin Keyes' scene with Michael Cummings and he blows the damn bar so high into space you need a damn telescope to even see it! Of the three scenes I've seen of Austin's this is by far his best and his hottest and if you call yourself a gay porn fan in any way, you have to watch this scene!
In this amazing scene brought to you by the good folks over at Peter Fever Productions-I've got a whole spotlight and write up planned for them because I absolutely love what they do-Michael and Austin are lovers on vacation and with the passion these two bring to the scene I was wondering if they really are going out in real life.
This scene has one of the most passionate make out scenes I've ever seen in any scene-porn or mainstream-and this is the most excited or turned on I've ever seen Austin as well as being the most vocal I've ever heard him and with that smooth voice of his that just drips with suaveness and sexiness that's fine with me. He's even suave and cool while taking Michael's pants and underwear off!
Throughout most of the scene Austin has a huge smile on his face so it's obvious that he's very turned on by Michael and not faking it at all and is very vocal while getting his cock sucked.

There is a very passionate make out/body contact bit before Austin slides down Michael's body; he can't get to Michael's hole or cock fast enough and Michael absolutely loves it!
The actual sex is very hot, some of the hottest I've seen in the industry, and it's very clear by how much noise he makes that Austin loves the way Michael rides him.
There is a good use of positions in the scene and they are used for just the right amount of time, no position is too short that it feels like a waste and none are used too long so that we the audience are bored; it feels like we are watching a couple's real life sex tape and they even do a very hot position that I've never seen before but am curious to try; I won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to watch the scene and try to guess what it is. ;)

I have to commend the folks over at Peter Fever for the videography. The camera work is great and stays on the boys, holding the long shots so we can really watch and enjoy both of the boys and I must say, I don't know when it happened, but I'm so glad that gay porn got rid of that awful cheesy music that use to play during the scenes.
This is definitely one of the best scenes I've ever seen and, if there are any gay porn gods, it will be nominated and win some awards at the various shows. The passion between these two is almost too overwhelming to handle and I love how they talk to each other during the sex act which only helps make it seem like we're watching actual love making instead of two strangers fucking.
This is my first introduction to Michael Cummings but I am a fan. He is an amazing bottom, vocal but not overdone and annoying like some bottoms are. It's very obvious that he loves getting fucked and his short, skinny twink body is perfect for bottoming. Like every other scene partner I've seen Austin paired with Michael is shorter than Austin but the height difference doesn't bother me and seems to work.
Now onto Austin Keyes. It's no secret that I love this dude. I am so excited to see how his porn career progresses and I hope he stays in the industry for a long time. He definitely needs to win best top and the way he varies the speed and roughness of his fucking makes me want to risk my mainstream acting career and get into gay porn just so I can experience that from him.
I also have to say that at the end of the scene both Michael and Austin tell each other they love each other. That is a phrase I've never heard uttered in gay porn but it works with the scene and passion and adds a very hot, romantic sweetness to the scene.
Once again Austin Keyes delivers and Michael Cummings has made a brand new fan. I can't wait to review more scenes by these two and see what else they bring to the industry. A++++++


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