Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zane Penn Is Now A Cocky Boy

So the last time I blogged about Zane Penn, GayHoopla's hunky muscle jock, it was after he did a bareback scene for Maverick Men, in which he got his bubble ass fucked raw by them, and then had a Twitter meltdown about it asking for forgiveness and bad mouthing Maverick Men and saying how much he loved GayHoopla and didn't want to lose them blah, blah, blah.
Well now, just days after his latest GayHoopla scene has released in which he fucks cutie pie Clay Anker on camera for the first time, it appears that Mr. Penn is now a Cocky Boy.
He sent this Tweet this morning shortly after midnight: https://twitter.com/zane_penn/status/598021504446509056
Now I don't know what the official story is but something juicy must have happened and I will scour every gay porn news, blog, website until I find out what it is.
Anyway, I do wish Zane all the best and truly do congratulate on the move. Cocky Boys is a great site and I think he'll do well there.


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