Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trailer For Beneath The Skin; Mainstream Movie Featuring Hunter Page

So this was sent to me this morning on my Facebook with a friend with a note saying, "check this out. Porn star Hunter Page is in it."
Okay so I must admit, I am not familiar with Hunter's work, I know that he is a Grabby winner and that he got DP'd by Johnny Rapid but other than that I've never seen any of his work so I don't know what his real name and I don't know who he plays in the film, but judging by pictures I'm guessing-and again don't quote me and if I'm wrong please correct me-but I'm guessing by picture comparisons that he is the star, writer and director Aaron Ellis.
Anyway, the film looks really good and it seems like it's a passion project of Ellis' who teamed up with his best friend to form their production company and they have several other projects that they are working on so I say bravo boys and keep it up!
To view the trailer click here:
And once more, if I have mistakenly labeled someone as a gay porn star who is not, please correct me because I am not the brightest star in the sky and I freely admit that. :)


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