Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ajay Laws Appears In Magic Mike 2 As A Stripper

This was sent to me this morning via Facebook and I thought I'd share it with my loyal readers.
GayHoopla's Ajay Laws, who also appeared in a solo scene for Next Door World using the name Jordan Roberts, will appear in Magic Mike 2 which opens July 1st as a stripper.
Apparently Laws made the announcement back in October on his Instagram, and since the account is under his real name and I'm not sure he wants to be outed I am not sharing the link but he did have this to say which accompanied a picture of him in the gym: "So glad to be back in the gym after 2 days of filming for Magic Mike 2. Hah just an extra background "stripper", but you got start somewhere. Let's keep working!"
The thing I like about this post is how humble and grateful he is and it's true, you have to start somewhere and to get anywhere in mainstream acting/showbiz takes a lot of time.
Congrats on the part Ajay. I'll look for you!


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