Friday, May 22, 2015

Review Of Naked Sword's On The Lookout: Episode 3: Bay Windows

The last time I blogged about Bray Love, who I think is one of the cutest dudes in the industry, it was to announce that he had signed an exclusive contract with Naked Sword, and a couple days ago his new scene with Austin Keyes was released and it doesn't disappoint.
Directed by everyone's favorite gay porn mama, mr. Pam, the scene features Bray and the criminally insane Austin Keyes who, let me tell you with those lips, those eyes, those low hangers and that voice, is probably the SEXIEST, sleekest and smoothest motherfucker we've got in the industry. This scene made me almost contact Naked Sword, mr. Pam, Bray and Austin and beg them, on my knees, to let me do a scene with Austin and Bray, with Pam directing of course.
Okay, enough ass kissing let's get to the ass fucking. ;) See what I did there? :P

The one thing I really liked about this scene is it plays to our fantasies. Austin is sitting by his window reading when he sees Bray on the street below. Their eyes meet and they feel that spark. Without saying a word, Austin nods his head toward the apartment's front door, Bray walks in and they immediately start kissing. Within the first three minutes clothes are already coming off. There's none of that awkward conversation before the scene, none of that cheesy overdone clich├ęd set up. mr. Pam knows what we want and why we're here, to see two hot guys fuck and she delivers that which, when you watch the scene, you'll see that was an easy task. Austin and Bray have amazing passion and chemistry between them. I don't know if they've dated, if they are dating, wanna date, are fuck buddies but whatever they have, good Goddamn it can't be faked and is rare to see in porn but when you watch the scene and see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. These two seem to know each others body better than they know their own and seem to be able to know instinctively what turns the other on which makes us feel like we're watching two beautiful men make love and not just have a casual fuck.
The other thing I like, and maybe this is due to the real sense of passion that there is between Keyes and Love, is that there was no overuse of moaning or dirty talk. The moans and to occasional "fuck" that escapes from Austin seemed perfect and happened at just the right moments. Because of this, again, the scene doesn't feel faked or staged. It almost feels like mr. Pam, and us as viewers, were just hanging out with the boys, things got hot and heavy, clothes came off and a camera came out.
Also to add to that is mr. Pam's use of music. Unlike some gay porn scenes where the music is overused to the point of distraction, here the only time we get music is the beginning and end title sequences which makes it feel like we've just watched a really cool indie. In fact, mr. Pam's amazing camera work makes this feel like a really cool, edgy, hip movie that Larry Clark or Joe Swanberg would direct and I would love to see what she could do directing a mainstream feature or even a gay softcore; Pam if you're interested hit me up, let's make it happen girl! And any director who can make shots of someone lubing up a person's asshole and prepping them to get fucked look hot and arousing gets the place as my favorite gay porn director.

I also liked the fact that Bray is in a jockstrap for the scene and was very happy to see it actually used and almost fetishized when Austin eats Bray's ass while he's in it. If there's one thing I could have asked for, and was surprised that didn't happen, I would have liked to have seen Bray get fucked while wearing the jockstrap, but I have a slight underwear fetish so maybe that's just me.....
I also have to mention and highlight something that Bray did and I don't know if it was planned but it was so hot and I really hope it becomes his trademark. At the end, after he has cum, he had some of it on his finger. Very diminutive like he held his finger out to have Austin lick it clean. I don't know what it was about the way he did it but it fit the scene and worked and I liked it.
There was only a couple of things, I don't want to say wrong with the scene, but a couple things I noticed from Bray that at moments pulled me out of what I was watching but I can totally understand what might have been happening so for me it wasn't that big a deal but I know there will probably be some people who comment on it so I'll just address it quickly so people know I caught it; plus I'm trying to get into the XRCO so I gotta show 'em I can watch porn with a critical eye too haha.
There were times, and maybe it's just because he's still nervous about being an exclusive, but at times Bray seemed nervous and stiff at times and he didn't always have a hard-on and sometimes wasn't able to stay hard; you'll notice that for most of the scene the camera doesn't focus on his cock; which to me, again, is not a big deal. Bottoms don't always get raging boners and, even if they are enjoying it, sometimes stay flaccid.
The only other thing I noticed from Bray is that at times his face looked uncomfortable when Austin was fucking him and this is just a personal thing for me but I don't like seeing models, male or female, look uncomfortable when they get fucked it's just a personal thing for me. But hey, have you seen the size of Austin's dick? Anyone would look uncomfortable for a minute. I do feel bad writing those two critiques because I do love Bray and he's one of my porn crushes and I'm nervous that he's gonna see this and never want to do a scene with me-haha-but he is a great performer, both of them are, and both Austin and Bray have the potential to become major stars in the industry and leave a huge mark on it.
All in all, this is a great scene and I am excited to see what other scenes Bray and Austin have in the future, both together and separately. If you are a fan of gay porn this is a must watch and it has amazing rewatchability as well. mr. Pam, Naked Sword and everyone involved in production should be proud and I will bet this scene will be nominated for a few awards this coming awards season.
A big solid A+


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