Friday, May 15, 2015

Stoya And Kayden Kross Speak Out On Piracy On Huffington Post Live

Now this is something I like to see! Adult stars Kayden Kross, who I worked with on The Truth About Sex and who is one of the coolest women ever, and Stoya, who I have been a fan of for years, are speaking out on piracy and how it is affecting the adult entertainment industry. I especially love the fact how Stoya calls out one of the biggest culprits, MindGeek, the company which owns most of the "Tube" sites.
Stoya then talks about how attorneys are quick to protect the mainstream studios and filmmakers from piracy but "persecute" the porn industry and don't prosecute the pirates.
For the clip and link to the full interview click here:
I personally applaud The Huffington Post, Kayden and Stoya for bringing this to light. Piracy is a big problem in both industries, mainstream and adult, and it needs to be stopped and the people who engage in it need to either be fined copious amounts of money or jailed. I think also people don't understand just how much piracy does hurt performers. That is money we are losing on royalties so you are basically stealing from us and making it so we are unable to pay our bills or feed our families. I have had countless people get mad at me for not sending them free copies of my books or films or whatever and I always point out, this is my only source of income, this is my career. Do you go to Ralph's and ask the deli department to give you free meat? Do you go to Starbucks and ask for a free coffee? Do you go to the doctor and ask for free surgery? No. You wouldn't even think that. So why do it to us?
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