Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review: Jordan Levine Revenge Fucks Jimmy Clay At Randy Blue

I love Jimmy Clay. My dream is to do a scene with him. So imagine how happy I was when, after a year hiatus from gay porn he is back at Randy Blue doing a scene with Jordan Levine. Now I wasn't familiar with Jordan before watching this scene but I can promise you, I am a fan.
The scene starts with Jimmy and Jordan going in for a kiss when Jordan, for some reason, backs off and says he can't do it before walking off set. What's going on? We're left to wonder. What happened? Why won't he do the scene? Well thanks to a flashback sequence of what happened thirty minutes prior we don't have to guess for long.
It seems that while the boys were getting ready Jordan, who has grown a beard, was asked to trim it. Jimmy, trying to help grabs the razor and shaves a little bit too much off. Jordan, understandably, gets upset and storms off. The director gets him to do the scene by telling him to take all his anger out on Jimmy's hole. If only people would take that advice in every day life. We'd have no wars, no murders, no riots. Just people fucking out their problems.

Before long Jordan does do the scene and it starts with the boys making out and, let me just say, I don't know if these two are friends in real life or have fucked off camera, but they have great chemistry when they kiss; it is some of the most passionate kissing I've ever seen between two man and they both should get some kind of special award for it.
Then, Jimmy is on his knees sucking Jordan's cock showing us that, even though he hasn't done gay porn in a year, he hasn't lost it. He gives Jordan an amazing blow job, deep throating and gagging on Levine's dick, getting it all wet and making it glisten with his dick. They are both really into it and Jordan returns the favor by giving Jimmy some head, complete with spitting on Clay's balls, which he really seems to like.
Jordan then bends Jimmy over, giving us a glimpse of Clay's smooth hole before demanding that Jimmy eat his ass. Now this is the only part of the scene I didn't like. Jimmy just doesn't seem to be into eating ass and the discomfort shows in his face. He also acts like he doesn't have a clue what he's doing so I don't know if I just watched someone lose their ass eating virginity but this segment could have been cut out and it would have made the scene a perfect ten.
Anyway, when that is thankfully over we get to the good stuff, the revenge pounding and it is awesome! It is raw, pure fucking between these two and Jordan pounds Jimmy's ass hard making Clay moan and cry out in a mix of both pleasure and pain.

The scene ends with an impressive cum shot from Clay in which he shoots his load not just on his chest but it also gets on his face and even in his hair. I have to say it is so hot watching Levine, cock still fucking Clay, bend down and not only kiss Jimmy but lick Jimmy's cum off his lips and cheek before pulling out and shooting his own impressive load on Clay's balls and taint.
Also included in the scene is a cute little behind the scenes segment at the end which I thought was a nice touch and I wish more studios would follow suit and do that. It adds a nice little something to the scenes and really gives the audience a chance to see the performers' personalities and connect with them on a deeper level.
All in all, if you're a fan of gay porn, Jordan Levine, Jimmy Clay or just watching two muscled good looking tattooed dudes fucking hardcore you definitely won't want to miss this scene and I hope this means that Clay will be doing more gay scenes and I will definitely look for more of Jordan's work.


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