Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review Of Austin Keyes And Marcus Isaacs In The Speedo Situation

After reviewing Austin and Bray's new scene for Naked Sword a couple days ago I have fallen in complete and utter lust with Austin Keyes and he has quickly become my newest porn crush so I am searching for every scene of him I can find to review. And just imagine how much I fangirl squealed when he agreed to be interviewed for the blog and followed me on Twitter. I was a happy happy pansexual!
Okay onto the scene. Directed by Gio Caruso, this is a scene from The Speedo Situation featuring Austin and Marcus Isaacs. Now I have to say after the amazing introduction I was given to Austin from his Bray Love scene, I was worried I would be disappointed since the bar has been set pretty high but luckily I wasn't disappointed and Austin managed to raise the bar even higher!
It is a short scene, only eighteen minutes, but it moves quickly and because these two are so enjoyable and so into each other, you actually don't want the scene to end. Caruso does a great job of bringing out the best performance from both guys and his videography is amazing. He uses great camera angles that allows us to enjoy both guys and he allows the camera to linger long enough on each angle so we can really take in the beauty of what we're seeing.
The opening of the scene is very fun with Austin, in a very tiny red speedo, trying to fit his very large cock inside the tiny outfit; even his butt is too big to fit in the speedo and I found myself chuckling watching his face as he moves his cock from one side to the other and even messing with the speedo itself trying to find the best position for his cock. Before long Marcus comes in saying that the coach is waiting for him and offers to help Austin try to overcome the speedo problem. Well before long Marcus is on his knees sucking Austin's cock and soon they are both naked and fucking. If that's happened to me once it's happened to me a thousand times, but hey that's called being a good teammate. ;)

It isn't long before Marcus sheds his clothes and Austin is on his knees giving him an amazing blow job. Austin has great cock sucking technique and awesome deep throating skills and it's obvious that he enjoys sucking dick as much as he enjoys getting his dick sucked.
Austin then shows us his love of ass and rimming as he turns Marcus around and eats his hole out like a champion defending his title at an all you can eat contest before sticking his thumb deep inside Marcus' hole. I thought it was hot to watch Marcus move up and down on Austin's thumb while Austin kisses and sucks on his cheeks; he really is an ass man.
One of the many things I liked about this scene, and that I've noticed in Austin's other scenes that I've seen is how much shorter Marcus is then him. I don't know why but that turned me on. I also liked the contrast between the two in terms of their body types, and honestly, I didn't think I would when I first saw the preview pictures but I actually was turned on that Austin is tall, smooth and has a swimmer's build while Marcus is shorter, hairy and beefier than Austin.
I also liked the fact that Marcus stays rock hard the entire time and it is obvious that both guys are really into the sex and each other and I have to say Austin makes some of the best faces I've ever seen when he fucks; I'm a visual guy I like to look at people's faces and the expressions they make when they screw what can I say?
This is the second scene of Austin's I reviewed and, like the first one I saw, I give it a solid A+. If you like guys in speedos, locker room fantasies or just hot guys fucking you definitely don't want to miss this one!


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