Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spotlight: Clayton Cannon's Playgirl Pics!

If you are a softcore fan then you are already aware of Clayton Cannon and his amazing ass. He has appeared in The Erotic Traveler, Life On Top and Zane's Sex Chronicles to name a few and not only is he a great looking guy but he can actually act which just adds to the appeal. So imagine my surprise, and delight, when I found out that Clayton had posed for Playgirl, and not those wimpy "I'm in my underwear or naked but covered with a towel or sheet" or "oh look here's my butt" shots that a lot of reality and soap stars do, I'm talking full frontal shots and in a couple of them, Clayton is very, very happy. ;)

Impressive right? Though there was just something in his attitude that told me he'd have a nice dick.
Clayton was born in Fayetteville North Carolina. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Scottish and Cherokee. Growing up Cannon played multiple sports and when he was 9 he took up boxing and by the time he was 14 he had won the Houston National Golden Gloves Tournament. He took up dancing to help with his coordination and balance, all the great boxers do this, and he won a 2 year dance scholarship to The Houston Ballet and even danced with The Discovery Dance Group; always did love a man who could dance. You know what they say, rhythm on the dance floor rhythm in the bedroom. Ladies and fellas am I right or am I right?

When he was 19 Clayton joined The U.S. Marines, his father had been in The Army, and he was stationed in the infantry unit at Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii. He joined the boxing team and had an impressive 88-1 record. After four years he was honorably discharged and he attended The University of Houston where he studied theatre while appearing in several local commercials and indie films.

Clayton currently lives in LA where he is one of the lucky members of The Working Actors Club; continuing to appear in commercials, films and TV.


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