Sunday, May 3, 2015

Review: Beverly Lynne's Sex Tape

She is The Queen Of Late Night. If you are a true fan of softcore then you know Beverly Lynne. I absolutely love this woman and her and Monique Parent are my two favorite softcore actresses. It's hard to describe but if you are familiar with Beverly and Monique you'll agree; there was just something about them that set them apart from all the other countless women who appeared in the late night movies. Maybe it was their beauty, maybe it was because you just knew that they had class and brains or maybe it was because these two actually have talent and could act. Whatever it was I love both of them so imagine how happy I was to learn that Beverly has started doing hardcore scenes and that she made a twelve minute sex tape called Beverly's Fantasy which, allegedly, features her husband, softcore stud Glen Meadows.
Now I've watched the tape and done extensive comparisons between the guy on the tape and pictures of Glen from his films and I would say that I am 95% sure that it is him. For one thing, the guy in the tape has nipple rings just like Glen does, he has the same mole on the hip and the ass is the same shape. Plus, in the couple instances when the guy does talk, it sounds a lot like Glen. So there you go we finally get to see what Meadows is working with and let me say, Lynne is a very lucky woman.

The scene starts out with Beverly talking to the camera telling us that her fantasy has always been to get caught masturbating by the guy that she's masturbating to and then to have him fuck her.
We then see Beverly on her bed, naked, fingering herself and really getting into it when-oh my God big shocker didn't see this one coming-the man she is fantasizing about catches her and joins in.
We get some great shots of Beverly sucking his dick before turning around so he can fuck her doggy style. We have great views of Beverly's reactions as well as some awesome shots of Meadows' cock going in and out of her pussy. Beverly is clearly enjoying it, moaning throughout the whole thing before Meadows cums on her tits.

All in all the scene is enjoyable but I wouldn't put this one up there on my favorites list and I don't think that I would watch it again. For me, the actual sex was over too quick-sorry Glen-and while I can understand why they kept his face hidden-either to go all the way with the fantasy that this was an unknown guy or because he has to keep his identity in this hidden due to work or the fact that they have a daughter-I would have liked to have heard more moaning from Glen and it would have been nice to see his face since he has great facial features in his softcore scenes and it would have been nice to have some other positions but again I can understand why they maybe couldn't do that. But unfortunately unless you are a huge fan of Beverly or Glen's, as I am, or you just want to see that initial taboo of softcore actors actually fucking, you are not missing much if you all you do is look at the pictures on this blog or elsewhere on the internet.


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