Monday, June 29, 2015

Exciting Announcement: I Booked The Role In Safe Landings!!!!!!!!!

So if you follow the blog regularly you will have no doubt saw my post about the audition for my second porn film, a non-sex dialogue only role in Kay Brandt's latest film Safe Landings, which is also based off her upcoming novel of the same name.
After the audition Kay and I were talking on Twitter and she actually commended me for coming in and giving a strong reading and being prepared. I thanked her and jokingly said "well isn't that my job as an actor?" She said "you'd think so but I've been auditioning actors for over twenty years in both industries and most are not prepared." Sadly I knew this. I've worked in casting and I can't tell you how many actors would waltz in totally unprepared and give awful auditions but have this air of entitlement to them. I still see that occasionally in auditions. I actually thought this was Kay's nice way of saying that I was good but telling me I didn't book the part and I was okay with that because, honestly, I didn't expect to book it. Those of you who read the last blog will remember there was a lot stacked against me for this role: it was written for a woman, in her thirties and was for a therapist.
Well imagine my great joy and surprise-I actually started crying on the sidewalk-when I got an email this afternoon from Kay with the subject line: You Booked The Job :) And yes there was a smile face in the subject line. She said that she wants to cast me as the therapist because she "thought your reading was fresh, with an element of sensitivity and I think you're the right one." That really meant a lot, especially coming from someone like Kay. I gladly accepted.
I am so excited to play this part, I think it will open up a lot of doors for me, not only more non-sex roles in porn films but also roles in mainstream Hollywood that I might have been otherwise looked over before. I can't wait to have the footage on my reel and Kay and I were even joking on Twitter about how I'm going to be the best non-sex performer in the industry and sweep the awards; though you guys know me, I am going to be knocking down the doors of every award show that has a Best Non-Sex Performer category. I don't give a shit, I'll even nominate myself for Best Male Newcomer.
I'm also excited to develop this relationship with Adam And Eve since this movie will be part of the new line they are starting of films based off erotic novels and as an erotic novelist I'm always looking at ways to get more fans, grow the readership, make more royalties haha.
But I think, most importantly, is this booking is very important to me, and in some reasons more important then past bookings, because it has brought me a step closer to doing what I said I wanted to do when I started this blog and when I auditioned for my first porn film and have contacted directors and studios trying to "break into" the industry: it is a step in the direction of truly mainstreaming porn and making it less taboo and bridging that gap fully and making it okay for mainstream actors to audition and act in adult films. I would love to see the day where I can do a role in a porn film that is sexual and I won't stop fighting until porn become just another genre that all actors can either choose to do or not; no different than comedy, drama, horror or exploitation.
I will of course blog about my time on set. I'm only there one day at the end of July and the film is scheduled to be released in September and of course any fun updates I will blog about and be prepared for to get spammed like a mother fucker as the release date gets closer. HAHA.
I would just like to, once more, thank Kay for this amazing opportunity and I am so excited. I read the script earlier and it's so beautiful in every way; the writing, the characters. This film is going to be very special and alot of people are going to love it.
See you at the movies. :)


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