Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review Of Strokemon From Wood Rocket

Like most kids who were in elementary school during the 90s I grew up with Pokémon. The cards, the video games, the TV show. And let's face it, as a young bisexual that cartoon with all the hot teens running around was my wet dream come true.
Well now, thanks to Wood Rocket, we can relive our childhood and masturbate as we hum along to the theme song because they have just released their parody of the iconic cartoon called, Strokemon!
Directed by Lee Roy Myers who, judging by the careful attention he has paid to details with the costumes, makeup, voices, even making the scene feel like an episode of the cartoon complete with opening narration, must have been a huge Pokémon fan. He delivers a parody that is both funny and sexy and I can only hope this is the first in what will be a long line of episodes because the cast is so funny together that I want to see  more of them and see what kind of hilarious and sexy adventures they can get into.
Starring Rizzo Ford as Dikachu, who should get The AVN, Xbiz and XRCO Awards for fucking in yellow body paint and doing a hilarious impression of Pikachu, Kassondra Raine as Fisty who is beautiful and will make you smirk at all of the subtle looks and faces she gives while delivering her lines and Tyler Nixon as Gash who, if you were like me and had a crush on Ash, this dude will fulfill all of your fantasies and make you fall in lust with Ash all over again. Tyler, it should be noted, is also a very talented actor who, besides having the looks of a soap stud, has the comedic timing of someone who should have his own sitcom on CBS; mainstream Hollywood take notice!
And that's why this parody works and is so enjoyable. The chemistry-not just sexual-between these three is real and they are all talented performers which, you have to give credit to Myers for picking performers who can deliver a line believably which will make us smile and not want to just skip to the sex.

 Rounding out the ensemble in non-sex roles are Sophia Locke as Nurse Joitus, Leyla Falcon as Muffth who does appear nude, AJ as Cock and Xander Grimm and Vuko as Team Cocket's Jams and Jizzy respectfully. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Xander and Vuko as they were so funny and dead on in their impressions of Team Rocket but that's why I'm praying to all the porn gods that this series will continue.
Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes: the sex scene. There's only one in this 28 minute scene, a three way between Tyler, Kassondra and Rizzo and let me tell you it's a hot one and I really hope they win best three way.
All three of them are really into it and it's nice to see that both girls get equal attention from Tyler's cock. It's also pretty hot to watch Kassondra fingering Rizzo while she gets fucked doggy style and it never feels like any of the performers are bored or don't want to be there; which can sometimes happen with three ways.
All in all, if you are a fan of parodies, a fan of Pokémon or just a fan of bizarre porn concepts that will make you go "what the fuck" at first but leave you going, "that was pretty fucking cool" you have to check out Strokemon!
I have already shamelessly Tweeted Myers, Wood Rocket and the three stars to tell them how awesome they are and I am totally sending in my headshot, resume and IMDB link to Myers and Wood Rocket after I post this; hey if they continue with this they're probably gonna need voice actors to bring to life all those Strokemon!
Oh yeah, and the theme song is totally awesome but be warned the damn thing will get stuck in your head. I've been humming it the whole time I've written this.
If you still need convincing go check out the trailer here:
And you can view Strokemon for free, yes you read that right my children, here:
Congrats to all involved! Grade: Solid A+


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