Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review Of Indie Wrestler A.R. Fox's Scene For Thugbait

A.R. Fox is sexy as hell and he's a really talented indie wrestler so I was in porn Heaven when I found out he did a gay porn scene for Thugbait. I wasn't familiar with the site before I watched Fox's scene for them but if all of their scenes are like this one I'm a fan and I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff. Finally! We have a good black gay porn site that features some super fine black men having super hot sex with each other.
So Thugbait is basically the black version of Bait Bus; an unsuspecting straight dude is tricked into thinking he's going to fuck a super hot black girl but instead ends up fucking a super hot black guy.
In this case, A.R. Fox thinks he's going to get lucky with Candy, a hot sister with some huge tits that Fox enjoys sucking on. I have to add, I love the fact that Fox is already completely hard when he takes his clothes off and stays hard throughout the twenty minute scene.
Candy puts a blindfold on him and the cameraman says that the only rule Fox has to follow is he can't take the blindfold off and he can't touch Candy. Candy, of course, leaves and a black man appears and begins sucking A.R.'s cock. Fox really enjoys it, moving his hips up and down and even touching himself as he receives the blowjob.

After a while, a condom is slipped onto A.R. Fox and the cameraman says that Candy wants to do anal before vaginal. Fox, still blindfolded, gets lubed up and then the fun starts as he fucks.
We all know what's coming....
The blindfold is eventually removed and Fox is at first horrified that he's been tricked into having gay sex but, everyone has a price and pussy is a powerful persuasive tool, and after the promise of a lot of money in the pocket and a chance to fuck Candy afterwards-which we unfortunately never get to see-Fox agrees to continue fucking the black man.
The rest of the scene is good. A.R. Fox stays hard throughout it and has good technique. It is also hot to see someone involved in wrestling, a both masculine and homoerotic sport, engaging in gay sex.
The camerawork is good and we get some great shots of Fox's body and amazing ass as he fucks doggy style.
The scene then ends with Fox jerking himself off and shooting a, not very impressive, load onto his leg.
All in all the scene is very enjoyable, I just wish Fox would have made a little more noise or that we could have seen the bottom cum or even seen Fox get to screw Candy.
If you are a fan of good black gay porn, a wrestling fan, a fan of straight men tricked into gay sex or just a fan of Fox's you'll enjoy this scene and it is our loss that he has not done anymore but hey, maybe he'll follow Chyna's path once he retires from the squared circle.
Over all grade: A-


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  1. A R Fox is cute as can be....sweet baby face, perfectly proportioned tight body, round booty, beautiful smile, golden color, ever hard dick and flawless feet. I hope to see him in more gay porn.