Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review Of Too Fast Too Hot By Velvet Ecstasy Featuring Justine And Xavier

I don't know why but I really like this scene for some reason and I can't tell you why. It's not a particularly great scene or exceptionally different or phenomenal but yet I somehow find myself rewatching it when I'm bored or want to see a mostly missionary scene. Maybe it's because I am a fan of both of these two or maybe it's because this is their first, and unfortunately only, sex scene either of them filmed or perhaps it's just a nostalgia thing; I reviewed this scene back in the day when I was just starting as a porn reviewer for Adult Maven, but whatever it is I am reviewing it for you today.
Released from Velvet Ecstasy who was famous for releasing sex scenes of "real couples" this one features Xavier from Amateur Straight Guys and Justine, whom fans may recognize as Kristina Wood, a model who just did solo scenes. In fact, both of them only did solo scenes, although to be fair Xavier usually jerked off with other boys and sometimes got his cock sucked by them but as I said earlier, this is the first time either of them have fucked on camera.
The scene takes place on the same set Velvet Ecstasy used for all their scenes. It's a nice set and it works so I'm not complaining I just really hope they steam wash those seats before and after every scene. The set works though, it's sexy and romantic; a nice little bed with sheets and a blanket, beautiful sheer curtains that set the mood and sexy backlight and Justine and Xavier look amazing together so I have to give props to the studio that is one thing they always did, pair models together that look like they could be a real couple.
Before they get to the actual fucking Xavier tells us that they are going to show us "how crazy we get in bed," the only problem is these two don't really do anything that crazy. They're more passionate, it's more love making. Hard fucking and fast doggy style is not "crazy," so that's some points I have to take away from the scene. To me "crazy in bed" means bondage, toys, BDSM, DP, snowballing, having her fuck him with a strap-on, etc.
Anyway, they both seem to be into the sex for the most part. Xavier is more of the talker and moaner during the eighteen minute scene and really seems to get into the fucking, especially when he pounds Justine's pussy hard. She is more quiet but that actually didn't bother me and I liked that she doesn't overdo the moans or go into that fake porn star moaning bullshit, instead saving her moans for when she's really into the scene and Xavier. It's also really hot how Xavier teases Justine's pussy with his cock before he penetrates her for the first time by slapping it and rubbing her lips with the head of his cock.

The scene is mostly missionary, broken up with a doggy style position and a cowgirl position which is fun because Justine's belly button ring bounces up and down as she rides him, but watching them screw in missionary extremely hot for some reason. Maybe it's the kissing between the two of them or the way Justine's hands move over Xavier's back which really turned me on for some reason. It's also sexy to watch Xavier jerk himself off while he's thrusting in and out of Justine and I have to give props to the boy he's got good technique and varies the speed and hardness of his screwing.
A very funny moment comes about ten minutes into the scene when Xavier is jerking off trying to cum in her face. The only problem is except for a few little drops he can't cum. Xavier then says, in a very frustrated voice so you know this wasn't staged "fuck. Nope didn't happen." Justine then gives the best look at the camera and her face says exactly what she's thinking: "This is why I do solo vids." The screen then freezes on her face for a second while the words "nope that won't do. Let's try again," appear before we cut to the two of them in the missionary position once more complete with lots of kissing and lots of tit sucking and licking from Xavier.
We do get a cum shot from Xavier at the very end and it's impressive. It's a cum shot that shows us that he has something to prove and he doesn't stop until he has drained his balls on Justine's face. She unfortunately seems a little bored waiting for him to finish on her face and when it does finally happen she doesn't seem that into it. She does give a slight smile when he's finished but it's very clear that she's not as into the facial as he is.

All in all the scene, while not great, is good. I like that there's no music at all. It really helps establish and keep the fantasy that we are watching an actual couple and the camera work is good as well offering us long shots of the two of them and staying on them so we can enjoy their bodies and their sex.
I also thought it was cute how Justine waves goodbye to us at the end while Xavier gives us a peace sign.
All in all, is the scene memorable? Not really. Did Xavier keep his promise and show us how crazy they can get in bed? Unless this is their definition of crazy, no. But it's a good scene none the less and if you are a fan of either of these two or just want to see good looking people fuck and have eighteen minutes to kill, then check it out.
Overall grade: B-


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