Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review Of The Web Series Hard Times

I first blogged about the web series Hard Times a few months back and mentioned that it sounded like a really fun series and a great concept, well now I have finally been able to watch the first three episodes and I can say that this is definitely a fun series and an amazing concept and is a must watch for any fan of porn or comedy!
The concept is simple, The Johnsons are a family of porn stars who, because of homemade uploads on the internet, the new condom laws and piracy are going through hard times and are trying desperately to finish their latest porn film to make enough money to pay their bills and keep their house from going into foreclosure.
Along the way we are introduced to a whole slew of fun characters including Dick The Pizza Delivery Guy who was once a famous porn stud and is now reduced to delivering take out to make ends meet, Mr. Butterfield the prudish neighbor who is doing all he can to get The Johnsons kicked out of their house and his sexually promiscuous daughter who spends all of her time at The Johnsons and is trying to break into the industry. We also meet The Health Inspector who, after a hilarious romp with Evan Stone, decides that The Johnson's house is up to code and let's them continue to film.

The family is all very funny and they all play well off each other. Some of the funniest moments and running gags are Eric Masterson, as the father, who has trouble getting and maintaining his erection and Andy Taylor and Jessa Rhodes as the kids who let their schoolmates take peeks at the other in the shower for $20. There is also a hilarious moment when Brandy Aniston, as Mrs. Johnson, goes out to apply for a "real job" complete with a resume that has all of the porn roles she's performed: nurse, stewardess, cheerleader, teacher, etc. The look she gives to the camera will have you in stitches.
The true comic high light though is Nina Hartley as Grandma a wise cracking retired star from The Golden Age who is constantly going on about how much better it was being a performer back then. Hartley steals every scene she is in and is definitely the Sophia to this flock of Golden Girls.
Kody Knight, Paris Lincoln, Tyler Nixon and Seth Gamble all also have brief, yet still funny and memorable guest star roles that will make you hope they come back for more.
Director Lee Fleming keeps the shots tight and knows how to get the best takes and reactions from his cast. The pace always feels quick and he does a great job of making his cast feel comfortable with each other and bringing out amazing chemistry between all of them.
The writing by Larry Kase and Joel Corenman is as crisp and funny as any sitcom that is on network TV right now and I am anxious to see what other hilarious spots they write this wacky family into.
I can only hope that more episodes have been shot and are planned to be released, or that more episodes are planned to be shot because this series truly is fun and I can only imagine the comedic gold Kase, Corenman and Fleming can have The Johnsons get into when they are placed in "real jobs."
You can watch the first three episodes and see some fun interviews with the cast here:
Overall grade: solid A+ And I really want to be in this series so if the director or anyone involved sees this let's make it happen ;)


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