Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ryan Cummings To Take Record Loads At BiohazardMen HIV+ Only Sex Party

When I first heard about this I thought it was some kind of really fucked up joke. Nope it's real. Reading the press release from BiohazardMen made my stomach queasy and I actually got very angry at what they and Ryan Cummings are doing.
Now look, I'm all for eliminating HIV stigma and not demonizing men who are positive, but that is not what these people are doing. These guys are putting their lives and health at a great risk, they are potentially risking catching a different strain of the virus, of having the different strains fuck with any medications they are on, and, sorry gonna sound like an asshole but don't give a fuck right now, why and how do you think we get new strains of HIV and any other STD that is then antibiotic resistant?
I'm just going to let you guys read the press release that was released by BiohazardMen:

"A good friend of ExtremeCumhole the Canadian porn star Ryan Cummings is starting out his first ever trip to Berlin with the BiohazardMen-Party. Infamous as the busiest cum dump in North America, Ryan wants to make BiohazardMen party history taking records loads and may even bring his digital sign counting his LOADS TAKEN (which has often been over 100 loads in a night). Experience the anal muscle control that gets thousands of tops of a year. From gripping tight to cum sloppy open loose, his hole will deliver milk you to ecstasy. When I say this bottom has skills, saunas and sex clubs fly Ryan in to either perform live shows, or just to feature him as the club sperm bank. Invite every top you know so we can show Ryan what a lineup of German Breeders can deliver, and fill him with an epic amount of loads.
Ryan also has the ability to multi orgasm and cum dozens of times while bottoming. See how many time you can make Ryan cum. His orgasm pushes and clenches your cock, which often also pushes the cum out of his ass, so Ryan tries not to orgasm at gangbangs, but some tops are just too much and he can’t stop his body. Are you one of them?
By participating, you declare you are HIV-Positive. The men that accompany you are HIV-Positive too. All participants accept that this party is for HIV-Positive men only. We want to relax and to party, chat with friends, dance, cruise and have sex naturally without having to explain our health status.
The participants that engage in unsafe sex (i.e. bareback) declare that they know about the risks and consequences of doing so. The participants agree they won’t engage in any discussion regarding HIV or health status, nor in any conversation about illness or medication; we all want to celebrate at a party and have fun with like-minded men!"

Okay I get it. You guys are consenting "adults" but seriously? This is like those bug chasers or those people who did those Russian roulette style sex parties. Are the consequences and risks really worth it?
I don't know, maybe I'm a prude but I just can't support something like this and I only wish there was some law or something that could prevent this and lock these guys up for even doing this.

What are your thoughts? Leave me some comments below.



  1. I agree this makes me queasy as well

  2. As I get older I try not to be a judgmental old fag, but...I don't know if it is there are these parties or the phrasing of the press release. I know they have been happening, going on for 30 years, but...

    Am I being like the old guys that went to pride and complained about the Drag Queens and Leather Daddies as holding back the movement if I say "This is just wrong"?

  3. Whos the guy and woman in the pic on both sides of this blog Joe !?!

    1. Not sure. It's a picture I found and really liked it. Could be a good blog post. Thanks for giving me the idea........

    2. Looks like a film or arty pic - bit too arty to be on a porn set lol