Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Caught Up With News And Reviews But First Shameless Plugs

Happy Monday and June everyone! I may be a little quiet these next few days as things have been hectic as fuck around here but rest assured I will be updating the blog with news, reviews and hopefully some interviews, it just may not be every day or multiple times a day but I will be back soon.
Anyway, before I give you some guys some old but nonetheless juicy news let's start out with some shameless plugs. ;)
First, one of the reasons I've been MIA is I'm starring in a new world premier play out here in Los Angeles that opens this Thursday, the 4th. I won't post any of my cast members' names because I don't want to risk them getting fired from jobs or slack from families if their names someone become connected to a porn blog-God I hate how Puritanical this country still is when it comes to sex and porn-but I will post a couple pics of me to make you guys want to come and see the show. :)

Cool pics huh? Don't those make you wanna book a flight to LA?
For those of you who are in LA, or coming to LA, the show is called The Claw and it plays Thursdays through Sundays June 4th through the 21st. Tickets can be purchased at
And now more shameless plugs. HAHA.
As some of you may know I'm also an erotica writer and the first book of my new series, Daddy's Dirty Daughter, is out. The first book is called Father First and is written under my pen name Fetisha. It is available from Lot's Cave and
If you couldn't guess from the title or the publisher's name it is an incest novel.
I also made book trailers for it and my other novels which can be viewed here:
If you guys read any of my books let me know what you think and leave some reviews on Amazon for me. Also don't forget, if you buy the print version of my horror novel, In The Tarot, and send it to me with an envelope with return postage I'll sign it for you.

Thanks for the support guys!


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