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Exclusive Interview With Michael Cummings!

So those of you who follow my blog will remember when I reviewed Michael's scene with Austin Keyes and said it was one of the hottest, most passionate scenes in gay porn-seriously if these two don't get nominated and win some awards there are no gay porn gods and goddesses-well after getting Austin to agree to be interviewed I wanted to reach out to his scene partner and was very happy when the very cute, bubbly and friendly Michael Cummings agreed to be interviewed.
So ladies and gentlemen without further ado, please meet and enjoy one of the best bottoms in the business: Michael Cummings!

JOE: How did you get into the industry and what led you to work for Peter Fever?  

MICHAEL: One day I was just on Twitter looking at other porn actors accounts, when I happened to see a link to Fab Scout's website. I clicked on it and saw that I could apply to be a model. So I was like "what the hell. I'll give it a shot" not knowing that I actually would get called to work with Fab Scout and that how was I met Peter Le.

JOE: There seems to be a small number of Asian performers in the industry, what are your thoughts on this? Why do you think there aren't more Asians working in the industry? Do you think sites like Peter Fever and people like Peter Le will make it so we see more Asian performers? It also seems that out of all the races and cultures, at least from what I've seen, Asian men seem to be discriminated the most in the LGBT community and on dating/hook up sites, have you faced any of this discrimination in the community or even in the industry? What are your thoughts on this?

MICHAEL: The reason I think that there aren't many Asian people in the industry is because for a lot of Asians, everything we do as an individual comes off as a reflection of our family and how they raise us. The Asian community is a very judgmental one so to do something like porn can come off as shameful not just for the individual but their family as well. So for many us, we don't want to deal with that shame over our heads.
 I think what Peter Le is doing for Asian performers in the industry is absolutely amazing, He is helping show that Asians can be just as sexy as our white counter part. As far discrimination goes, I personally haven't dealt with much discrimination myself here in my own community. 
JOE: Going off that, we have award shows in the industry to honor Feminist Porn, Transexual performers and even black and Latin performers do you think there should be a show to specifically honor Asian performers or do you think we will see that in the future?
MICHAEL: I would love to see an award show that honors Asian performers not just in gay porn but in all category of porn from straight to lesbian and transgender performers as well.
JOE:  On your Twitter it says that you're also a dancer, what genre is your specialty? How long have you been doing it and where do you dance? 
MICHAEL: I'm a classically trained ballroom and Latin dancer. I started at the age of 18 and have been hooked ever since.
JOE: You also say you're an entrepreneur on Twitter. Can you talk a little bit more about this?
MICHAEL: One of my passions in life aside from dancing would be fashion. So I'm currently spending a lot of my time working on launching my own clothing brand. I'm hoping to launch soon but I want to take the time to make sure everything is perfect before putting my work out there for world. 
JOE: You recently shot a scene with Austin Keyes, who I just interviewed, and it is one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen. There seemed to be a real passion and chemistry between you two, where did that come from? Did you two know each other before filming? Did you hang out before filming? How did you prepare and where did that passion come from? Austin told me that when he's doing a scene he wants to be the best his scene partner has ever had, is that true?
MICHAEL: Yes! Shooting that scene with Austin was absolutely amazing and so much fun to do! The two of us actually never met until we did the shoot together for Peter Fever. Before shooting that scene Austin did kind of a little prep talk and he was like "we're going in there and we're gonna fuck and make it look like we're in love and win an award it!" He is a super easy guy to work with and he just made me feel super comfortable around him so it was easy to let that Chemistry flow out of me. lol
JOE: A lot of performers have mainstream goals and with the industry becoming less taboo we are seeing more and more performers successfully cross over, any mainstream aspirations for you? Or have you done any mainstream modeling, movies, shows that fans can see?
MICHAEL: I would personally love to compete on The Amazing Race, it's been my favorite show since I was eleven years old and I haven't stop watching it since. Aside from The The Amazing Race, I think it would be pretty cool to be on Game of Thrones or to be a pro on Dancing With The Stars.  
JOE:  How do you prep for your scenes? Have you ever had to shoot a scene with a partner that you didn't like or had no chemistry with? If so how did you deal with that?
MICHAEL: Prepping for a scenes, I pretty much just do the basic things that every bottom should which is cleaning myself out before and taking a shower to make sure that overall everything is nice and clean for my scene partner. I haven't dealt with any scene partners that I haven't like yet, but as far as the no chemistry thing goes I go in with a mind set that this is a job and I have to do my best because this is what they're paying me to do. 
JOE: So far who has been your favorite scene partner to work with?
MICHAEL: Austin Keyes so far a has been a lot of fun to work with and Owen Micheal as well. 
JOE: What is your overall goal in porn? Are you just doing it for fun? Do you want to have a long-term career? Move on to directing or opening your own agency or having your own site?
MICHAEL: I honestly don't have an overall goal yet in porn. I'm kind of just going with the flow and seeing what happen along the way.
JOE: Peter Le has done a lot to bring attention to Asian performers and show just how beautiful and sexually arousing Asian men can be, what is it like working for him and what are your thoughts on what he's done for the industry?
MICHAEL: Peter Le is a super nice guy. and really easy to work for. He makes sure that you feel comfortable and that have you have everything you need before shooting and what he's doing for Asian performers is again freaking amazing! I'm glad that he allowed me to shoot with his company. 
JOE:  Do you have any advice for people just entering the industry or people who are thinking about entering the industry?
MICHAEL: I don't how much advice I can give because I'm still really new to it myself. But just to enjoy it! And remember this is job as well. 
JOE: You are definitely one of the best bottoms in the industry and it looks like you really do enjoy what you do, are there any tips or tricks you can give us on how to be a good bottom performer?
MICHAEL: Thank you for thinking that I'm one of the best bottom out there! But yes I do really enjoying bottoming, Love that feeling of getting manhandled; is probably a major reason why like it so much. The only tip that I can give is that you should learn to take it, pretty much if you can hold out for about 5 to 7 minutes the director will usually yell cut around there and that way they can get the scenes and you don't have to keep filming everything over again.
JOE: Some performers go-go, escort and even do web cam modeling/shows to earn extra income do you?
MICHAEL: I don't really do the go-go/escort thing at all. I have done some web cam stuff in the past but as of right now I pretty just stick doing shoots. 
JOE: Where can fans keep in contact with you?
MICHAEL: Anyone can stay in contact with me through my Twitter which is @Cummingsonyou
I would like to thank Michael for taking the time to talk with me and share his thoughts. I certainly wish him all the best and much success and can not wait to see his future work and I really hope that him and Austin are paired up many, many, MANY more times.

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