Monday, June 29, 2015

Review Of Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries: Another Woman's Lipstick By Elise D'Haene And Stacey Donovan

If you are a true fan of good erotica and classic late night Cinemax softcore then you are no doubt a fan of Zalman King and his Red Shoe Diaries. Starring David Duchovny as Jake, a man trying to find the answers to his fiancee's death, he places an add in the personal sections asking people, specifically women, to send him their fantasies, stories, etc about love, lust and everything in between. Running between 1992 and 1999 the series was a hit and still remains a classic and even featured a pre-Friends Matt LeBlanc in an early guest star role, sadly Matt keeps his clothes on but his episode is set to hot fiction in this volume and, well let's just say if the episode was as graphic as the novelization is, Matt would have been discovered and a star a whole lot sooner. ;)
Written by Elise D'Haene one of the associate producers on the show and Stacey Donovan, a talented writer with several novels under her belt, one of which is mentioned in the last story, the book is a series of novelizations based on three episodes of the series-Just Like That, Another Woman's Lipstick and Talk To Me, Baby-as well as a bonus story at the end, Sex In The Hamptons: The Writers' Confessions which is a naughty little treat and had me wondering how much of that story was fiction and how much was fact.
All three stories are very well written and if you are a fan of the series and have seen the episodes you will smile as you remember scenes from the episode and enjoy how much deeper the writers are obviously able to go into the characters' psyches. You will also love that several extra scenes are added so it's not like you're just reading the scripts in novel form; though I have to say I thought it was very amusing how Just Like That was written in script form with all the action being told by Trudie to two attorneys, herself, and a judge, Jake, in a courtroom and trial she has set up in her mind. I won't do it justice to try to explain it so you'll just have to read it.
I also loved the fact that Another Woman's Lipstick delves into bi-curiosity, a woman dressing up like a man to seduce another man, one of the hottest scenes of lesbian seduction I've ever seen and a husband enjoying having his wife peg him with her eight inch black strap-on. I love when erotica is sexy, risque, pushes envelopes and explores all aspects of sexuality.
Talk To Me, Baby is an interesting study in human and sexual psychology, for me at least because I studied psych in college and that kind of stuff fascinates. We meet two people that are really fucked up, probably co-dependent, and in a very toxic relationship that brings out the worst in all of them, yet we keep reading and are fascinated and turned on at the hot, and sometimes, taboo sex they engage in. This story won't be for everybody and there were a few times when I found myself rolling my eyes because I couldn't believe these two hadn't killed each other and I couldn't believe that this woman was so desperate to stay with such a loser, but the sex scenes are hot and boundary pushing which I like.
The last story, The Writers' Confession is when we finally get to meet the women who brought these stories to us. Elise and Stacey. Their confessions are told in turn and even though this one is the shortest story in the book there is a lot of emotion, characterization and depth backed into such few pages which really spotlights the talent both of these women have with words. I can't really go into without giving too much away but needless to say you will root for our writers and enjoy being a voyeur to Stacey's sexual adventures.
I thought this was a really clever idea to adapt episodes of a popular erotic series into an erotic novel. When I saw it at Amoeba in Hollywood for only a buck I immediately snatched it up and I was happy to learn that there are three more books in the series: Four On The Floor, Strip Poker and Forbidden Zone, all available on Amazon for pretty reasonable prices. I will definitely be adding all of them to my collection.
And the nice thing is it's a quick read. I spent my Sunday enjoying the book, first at my favorite coffee shop and then snuggled in my bed with a nice bag of hot popcorn; the perfect was to enjoy a lazy Sunday in Los Angeles. But it would also be good beach reading as well.
If you are a fan of the series or an erotica fan in general, then this is a must own book. If you watched the series as I did then reading this book will bring back lots of good memories and if you never saw Red Shoe Diaries then this book will totally make you a fan. I also like how the book has Jake's add in the front of it. That was a nice touch. Happy reading. ;)
Grade: A+


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