Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pornhub Space Program: Sexploration Seeking $3 Million Dollars On Indiegogo!

No that's not a typo, you read that right. Pornhub has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking over $3 million dollars to fund Sexploration a space program that seeks to find out if you can fuck at zero gravity. I'm not even making that up. That's truly what they are seeking to do, send Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia into space and have them make a sex tape. It's weird, it's bizarre and I am completely fascinated, on board and want this to happen!
To read the whole campaign, share and donate click here:
Johnny, Eva, Pornhub, good luck up there. I have the feeling that if this campaign is successful a lot more people are going to want to become astronauts.


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  1. Just had to share. When I was reading this, the theme from "Star Trek 1st Contact" started on my Pandora feed.