Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tom Faulk Bottoms And Gets Creampied By Five Different Guys, Including Tyler Sky, At FraternityX

So a few weeks ago I reported that porn's favorite stoner, Tom Faulk, had made his FraternityX debut as a top. Well this week we get to see him bottom and get creampied by five different guys who bareback him in the site's latest orgy.
I have to say that I love Tom's big ass and I love watching it get fuck. My favorite scenes of his are when he bottoms so of course I'm already a fan of seeing that ass get used five times.
Oh and for all of you fans of Guys In Sweatpants, Tyler Sky, is one of the guys who fucks Tom.
And I do have to say that I love the fact that not only does Tom wear his hat backwards during the scene, as most straight guys do when they are getting gangbanged, but he holds onto a joint during it! I love it.


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