Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Experience Auditioning For My Second Porn Film

Yes you read that right. I had an audition yesterday for my second porn film.
Those of you who follow the blog regularly will remember about me talking about my audition experience with Ralph Long and Jessica Jaymes for The Goonies Parody that Spizoo is doing well yesterday I auditioned for the film adaptation of Kay Brandt's latest erotic novel, Safe Landings; you guys probably saw the post I did about the casting for the film.
So anyway as I said in the post about the casting, Adam And Eve is launching a new line of adult films based off erotic novels and with the success of Marriage 2.0 and after the horrible mess Hollywood made of 50 Shades Of Grey, though let's be honest that thing was already a mess in book form, it's no surprise that the porn industry has decided to take the adaptation of erotic novels into their hands and I say bravo. Maybe now we can get some good film versions like we had with Emmanuelle, The Story Of O, Story Of The Eye and Autobiography Of A Flea.
So I emailed Kay and, like I do when I mail any producer/director about auditions, I explained who I was and attached my headshot and resume into the email along with links to my IMDB page and demo reel and then I told her about the blog and my involvement in the industry as a talent scout and how I want to help mainstream porn and make it less taboo for mainstream actors to do and how I have auditioned for Ralph, etc etc so she wouldn't think I was some dumb naïve Hollywood kid who didn't know she was making a porno.
Anyway, I get an email back from Kay and she couldn't have been sweeter. She thanked me for reaching out to her and even said she uses mainstream talent for dialogue only roles-so big high five to her for that-but she said because of the quick shooting schedule (only 2 days) and given that there weren't any non-sex roles for my type I wouldn't be able to audition for this one.
That's okay. I still felt good because I reached out and tried. I responded and said thanks and asked her to keep me in mind for future projects and also mentioned that I've worked behind the scenes, and of course offered her the chance to be interviewed on the blog.
That was Saturday night I believe.
So Sunday I had the final matinee for The Claw-the play I've been doing out in Hollywood. It was a great run so afterwards I decided to treat myself to Jurassic World.
I get home at around 10 Sunday night and there's an email from Kay saying that she just remembered that there is a non-dialogue role in the film and would I be interested. Immediately I said yes and about thirty minutes later get the sides and I realize why she didn't think of it before: it's the role of a therapist written for a woman in her thirties. Now being a woman in his eighties I know that there's a lot of things stacked against me; I'm the wrong gender, too young and am probably going up against industry vets like Nina Hartley etc. But I still put in the work that night, looked over the sides, made choices etc.
So the next morning I get up and head to The Free Speech Coalition office in Canoga Park. A beautiful office by the way.
Anyway, there's four other actors waiting to audition. Alison Rey, who is so very sweet and who told me that I looked familiar to her, Brenda James who I read with and who, like Alison is very sweet and down to earth and two guys, Sam and David; I didn't get their last names but Sam is new to the industry and David is a buddy of his. And let me add these four actors were dressed so nice; the girls were in cute little dresses and both of the boys were in nice slacks and button ups. I felt underdressed in my nice jeans, nice red t-shirt and button up that I was wearing.
So anyway, we fill out the paperwork and give the camera man our I.D.'s to make copies of and then it's audition time and I'm the first one up.
I meet Kay face to face for the first time and let me just say, aside from being one of the nicest people I've ever met who has probably the prettiest smile in the whole state of California she's also one of the most beautiful.
Anyway, I sit down at a table across from Brenda and do my sides; it's basically a monologue but Brenda has one line. I treat it like any other audition and remember the choices I made, be in the moment, try not to be in my head and just let whatever happens happen. I do have to say, at one point I was supposed to share a quote from JFK so my thought was to write it down on a piece of paper and take it out of my pocket and let me just say the reaction I got from the two guys behind the camera and Kay was so amazing and just what I was hoping for.
Kay was all smiles throughout my audition which helped put me at ease and afterwards even said "we'll be in touch" while shaking my hand. Now, I know, I've been doing this twenty-two years, I know that doesn't mean anything but I know that I booked that room and made a fan and I am confident that I will work with Kay, if not on Safe Landings then on another project.
I walked out of The FSC office feeling confident and good knowing that I had done my job as an actor and if I don't book this role it's because it was one of those things I can't control: age, sex, body type, etc. I won't not get a booking because I gave a bad audition.
Regardless of what happens I can not wait to read the book and see the film and review both on my blog. It's obvious that a lot of love has gone into this project and I know it's going to be a film that sweeps the industry awards and makes people in mainstream Hollywood take notice.
I would just like to say break a leg to everyone who auditions and offer my heartfelt congratulations to Kay and say, once more, thank you for this opportunity. It was a pleasure and a great way to start the week.


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