Monday, June 8, 2015

Review Of Danny Wylde's This Is Love

So they say that art, good art anyway will stay with us long after we see it. Good art is supposed to leave us feeling a swirling eddy of emotions, it's supposed to make us think, make us uncomfortable, take risks, have balls. Well Danny Wylde certainly accomplishes all of that with his short pornographic-torture porn-snuff film, This Is Love.
God, even the title is appropriate and deliberate because, and after you view Wylde's short you'll agree with me, this is the kind of fucked up shit people do for love or because they think they're in love or they're trying to get someone to love them or fall back in love with them.
Those of you looking for the typical porn film will not find it here. But if you are looking for a porn film that is daring and takes risks and has the feel of an underground indie you will love it. It's like the kind of film Larry Clark or all these other so called "edgy" mainstream indie filmmakers would make if they had balls and it's a damn shame that Wylde did not continue making more shorts and features like this. He knows how to make his audience feel so many emotions at once it's almost overwhelming. I was turned on, I was horrified, I was amazed I was hard, I wanted to stop watching, I wanted to see more. For all that I applaud Danny. I'm still shocked this wasn't submitted to any film festivals, even overseas in Germany; they'd love this!
The film is ten minutes but there's a lot of stuff packed in there. Accept for an anonymous man who pisses on Wylde, has Wylde suck his dick and penetrates his ass with a glass dildo and then a pair of pliers Danny is the only one ever on screen and him and Anonymous-yes that's his credit-along with Lily LaBeau as cinematographer make up the whole cast and crew.
I'm not going to go into detail about what happens in the film but it is a fascinating study, at least to me, of a broken person who is desperately trying to hang onto a love that is no longer there and the ending, while shocking, is a great payoff and fits perfectly with this tragic story.
To view the film, visit Danny's blog here: I only hope that Danny goes back to making films as he truly is a genius and has a very important message to tell his audience. And if he reads this and ever wants to collaborate I am always available for him.
Grade: A+


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