Monday, June 8, 2015

Review Of Zane Penn And Clay Anker's Scene From GayHoopLa

This is my first exposure to GayHoopLa and I am happy to say it won't be the last. Those of you who follow my blog remember that I interviewed, and have subsequently become friends with Zane Penn due to that interview so I was excited to actually review some of his work. I wasn't familiar with Clay Anker before this scene but after seeing him in action I can say that I'm definitely a fan of gay porn's hottest little skater twink and am excited to see more of his work and see how he grows as a bottom and a performer; I also wouldn't mind seeing him top sometime, hint hint GayHoopLa ;)
Anyway, the scene starts out with Dmitri, one of the big bosses over at GayHoopLa talking to Zane and telling him that Clay has not only flaked on a couple of shoots but he's also been late a few times and it's up to Zane to show Clay how they handle flakes and lateness at GayHoopLa.
We then cut to Zane and Clay meeting up and before long, the shorts are off, the cocks are hard and Clay is sucking on Zane's cock.

 I do have to say, for a straight guy, Zane sucks a pretty good cock and there's something that has always turned me on about seeing a straight dude's lips wrapped around another guys dick, so props to Zane for actually doing that. The only thing he doesn't seem to be into in the scene is rimming. After the blow jobs, Clay gets on his hands and knees and Zane spreads his cheeks giving us a great view of Clay's hole-in the scene Clay is supposedly a virgin who has never bottomed before-I was totally expecting Zane to rim and eat Clay's ass but instead all he does is kiss his cheeks, which is fine and very hot but I felt like the scene set me up for an expectation and then didn't deliver but hey, I can completely understand I'm not really into rimming myself.
The actual sex between the guys is very hot and I would believe that, even if Clay has bottomed before, he's not that experienced just based off his facial expressions and the fact that he seems tight, judging by the way Zane has to start off slow and ease Clay into the fucking.

 Both of the guys seem to be really into each other. Zane is rock hard throughout the whole scene so you know he is enjoying breaking in Clay's ass and inducting him into The GayHoopLa Family. Clay also seems to enjoy having Zane's dick stretch him out.
Now some people have commented and criticized Clay's inability to stay/get hard during the sex but honestly that didn't both me. As I mentioned in another scene where the bottom wasn't always hard, that is sometimes how it goes. A lack of an erection doesn't mean he's not enjoying it just like an erection doesn't mean he likes it. Sometimes the bottom doesn't get hard and, since this was supposed to be Clay's first time, it kind of fit with the scenario.
And for those of you wondering if we get a cum shot from Clay, don't worry. After Zane cums on Clay he then orders him to get himself off and Clay gladly obliges. With his cock hard, he lies back on the bed and jerks himself off until he cums, even leaning over and kissing Zane full on the lips several times once he orgasms and let me tell you THAT was really hot to see and something I didn't expect.
All in all, if you are a fan of GayHoopLa or either of the boys I recommend this scene. It is enjoyable and doesn't try to be anything than what it is: two hot guys enjoying each others' bodies. I'm only sad that Zane is no longer with the company as him and Clay look really great together and I would have liked to have seen more from them, maybe even a little flip flop action with Clay topping that hot bubble ass of Zane's.
Overall grade: A


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