Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kay Brandt Holding Open Casting Call On Monday For New Film

Y'all know I've already emailed Kay to get an audition time and sides for this one! HAHA.
Bestselling author and writer, director, producer, Kay Brandt, has announced that she is holding an open casting call this Monday from noon to three at The Free Speech Coalition's office in Canoga Park for the film adaption of her next novel, Safe Landings, to be distributed by Adam And Eve.
This film marks a couple firsts: not only is this the first feature Brandt has directed in two years, Safe Landings is also the first film in Adam And Eve's new line of films based on best-selling erotic novels; so this is good news for all of us erotic novelists who can't get our stuff made by mainstream Hollywood.
Safe Landings will be released in July as an e-book, with the print and audio versions to follow soon after, by Selena Kitt's company Excessica; I am Facebook friends with Selena and she is one of the nicest women out there so I am very happy for her!
For more information about the auditions click here:

Congrats Kay! Look forward to auditioning for you!


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