Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Austin Keyes

Happy Tuesday everyone. I am super XXXcited to bring you this interview with my latest porn crush and the guy I consider to be the hottest performer in gay porn right now Austin Keyes! Those of you who have seen my reviews of three of his scenes know that I was immediately drawn to his good looks and amazing skills. Seriously, if you haven't watched him in action when you are done reading this interview go check him out his passion is off the chain! So of course I reached out to him on Twitter, and subsequently fangayed hard when he followed me, friended me on Facebook and agreed to be interviewed.
Anyway I think Austin could go very far in the industry and even successfully transition to mainstream modeling and acting, I mean look at him, he looks like an Abercrombie or soap stud so anything I can do to help him with his career and introduce him to more fans I'm more than happy.
So ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce you to the handsome and talented Austin Keyes!

AUSTIN: Hello to you sir and all of my beautiful men out there. I apologize for the delayed response so forgive my tardiness. I'd like to take this time to answer your questions.

JOE: Thank you Austin. So let's start out with how you got into the industry?

AUSTIN: Allow me first and foremost to say how deeply I appreciate anyone who finds pleasure in my movies. It all began via Facebook when I was scouted through a scout for Fabscout at first I was skeptical I actually remember thinking that it must have not been real but secretly was dying to take an adventure to try out for a job like no other.  So in other words I was asked for some info and pics before I knew it I was given a contract and a Skype interview with Ray Dragon. From that first moment I stepped out of a train and met the producer I was totally paranoid nervous and rather scared but I knew once I got through my first scene it would prepare me for whatever this road could bring.
I promised myself I would never change who I was or what I wanted out of life regardless.

JOE: Tell us a little about making films. Was there anything about the process that surprised you? You also have a lot of passion in your scenes and come across very cool and confident, is that just an on camera persona or the real you?

AUSTIN: Making films is not all glitz and glam it's more like instruction and props. However it was at first different for me to fuck and not have to say goodbye in the morning or cook breakfast lol. I than became use to that it was the nature of the work. I can say that I went into this hoping to have a must in generational career but so far am uncertain. I am computer illiterate so, lol, I have a hard time finding my films, reviews. I am not a gold digger nor a hustler just a guy who loves to have sex.
As far as me being in or out of character I simply just remain my true self on screen and hope that my fans connect with me as a real man having sex rather than a rehearsed doll who has no feeling and just staged movements. Sex should be natural not stages and I think a porn that appears natural only can stimulate a cock all the more lol.

JOE: Do your friends and family know about your career and is it hard to be in the industry and have a relationship?

AUSTIN: My friends and family have no idea because for me it's an outlet of art and a private side to my sexual desires so for now it is hard to have a relationship however if true love were to come along I'd cross that bridge then and there.

JOE: Do you feel that having a life outside of the industry is important for performers and their careers?

AUSTIN: I feel that no one knows if their career for sure will he huge and for me I believe a higher power will make it happen if it's meant to be so therefore a regular life is important as well.

JOE: In the scenes I've seen you in your partner is generally shorter than you, is that just a coincidence or are you into shorter guys?

AUSTIN: I like shorter guys but buff and mad are my favorite as far I haven't been cast with any lol

JOE: You have a very unique look, what is your ethnic background and, I'm just asking because of your build, are you a swimmer or athlete?

AUSTIN: I am black and Italian and as far as my build I just eat healthy and exercise regularly three to four times a week.

JOE: Is there anyway fans can keep in contact with you or see what you're up to?

AUSTIN: My fans can feel free to email me at jh40849@gmail.com or follow my twitter AustinKeyesxxx

JOE: You recently did a scene with Naked Sword can we expect more stuff featuring you from them?

AUSTIN: I am unsure as to if Naked Sword will use me again or other companies because I'm still so new.

JOE: I've said in some of my reviews that you resemble a GQ model, have you ever modeled or done any mainstream acting or do you have any mainstream show business aspirations?

AUSTIN: The fact that you call me GQ is awesome. I have never modeled or acted before but would so love to.

JOE: One of the things I love about the industry now is how much more mainstream media attention the awards shows are getting. Do you think we'll ever see Austin Keyes on the red carpet at an award show or even accepting an award?

AUSTIN: We'll have to see if I am nominated for an award...

JOE: One of the things I'm always amazed at in your scenes is just the passion you have. Has there been a scene partner that's been a favorite for you so far?

AUSTIN: Thus far all my scene partners were my favorite because I want them to remember me as their best.

JOE: A lot of performers also go-go dance at clubs do you?

AUSTIN: I do not go go or strip just in my mirror lol. So I hope that some of the questions I answered give you an idea of Austin Keyes the real me. Have a good time cumming guys and I hope to be in your DVD collections for a long time to cum. Love, Austin

I would like to thank Austin for taking the time to visit my humble little blog and I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. Now go out there and enjoy this stud's scenes!



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