Monday, June 29, 2015

Review Of Austin Keyes And Coda Filthy's New Scene For Peter Fever

 Okay we all knew that I was going to do this. What better way to really say fuck you to a racist after exposing his racism then reviewing a porn scene featuring Coda Filthy and my favorite porn crush and pretend gay porn star boyfriend, and real life friend, Austin Keyes who is mixed race; half black and half Italian if you guys read his interview I did with him.
Anyway, enough about racists let's get to this truly amazing scene between two hot performers.
I have to  say I am enjoying The Asiancy, the series put out by Peter Fever, I wasn't familiar with it until I reviewed Austin's scene with Michael Cummings but after seeing this I'm totally a fan and will have to binge watch the other seasons.
So this scene, called Coda's Confession, starts out with Coda Filthy telling Austin how he misses the single life and wants to just fuck around and have fun. Austin, being the gentlemen that he is. helps Coda out and soon the making out leads to Coda on his knees, giving Austin an amazing blowjob before they get into The 69 so Austin can enjoy Coda's ass and cock at once.

Coda is a really great bottom who rides Austin like a champ and it's very clear that he enjoys taking all of Austin's big cock who gladly lies back and enjoys the ride. I have never been more jealous of a bottom then I have been of Coda Filthy haha.
After Austin has his fill of Coda riding him he throws him onto his back, while he's still inside him and fucks him missionary until they both shoot two very impressive loads on Coda's chest and stomach.
I have to say one of the things I found interesting in this scene was the lack of sexual positions; there's only two, cowboy and missionary, well three if you count The 69 and I have to say I really liked it. It made the scene seem more real and natural and didn't seem like they were trying to stuff all of the sex positions imaginable into a 25 minute scene.
The passion between these two, while not as fiery as it was between Austin and Michael Cummings but hey that's a high bar to jump over, is still evident. It's clear these two liked each other and were attracted to each other and if they weren't they both did a great job of faking it.
This was my first introduction to Coda Filthy and I was impressed. He's a very hot Asian twink performer who enjoys taking cock and he has an amazing body to boot. It's a crime that I wasn't familiar with him before this and am definitely going to be looking for more of his work. I'm curious to see just how filthy Mr. Filthy can get.... ;)
Austin Keyes gives his signature gold star performance that he has brought to every scene. I challenge everyone not to melt while you hear Austin moan and say the occasional "fuck" while he's having sex with Coda.  He has his trademarked suave and GQ coolness which makes it easy for us to believe that he could seduce Coda so easily and I love the fact that we finally get to see a hot black male porn star doing something other then thug porn and actually watch a hot black dude make love instead of fuck so bravo to you Peter Le and Peter Fever keep it up and make Austin a regular! I would love to see him get through the whole Peter Fever roster including you Mr. Le. ;)

If you are a longtime fan or if you're like me and have just discovered the series you won't be disappointed. If you are a fan of good gay porn, a Coda Filthy or Austin Keyes fan or just someone who wants to see more black and Asian performers get the attention they deserve and be celebrated for their sexiness and their amazing physiques then you will definitely be adding this scene into your favorite lists.
Once again Peter Fever has hit the ball out of the park and scored another home run thanks to Austin and Coda.
A+ for everyone!
Oh and Peter Le, I'd love to see a threeway between Coda, Austin and Michael. Just saying...


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