Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review Of Linni Meister And Kristian Hillberg's Second Sex Tape

Man it is a tragedy that these two broke up and only two sex tapes from them were ever "leaked" they are hot and the passion between them, especially in this second tape, is very evident. Who says that sequels suck? This tape is way better and hotter then their first one. Fuck Kim Kardashian. Fuck Paris Hilton. Fuck Pamela Anderson. Linni Meister should be the queen of the sex tapes with her moans and the way she clearly enjoys getting fucked by Kristian's big dick, but come on, look at him, who wouldn't? Look at both of them? Believe me these two are this pansexual's wet dream and I would sell my parents to the gypsies in order to sleep with both of them!
One of the major improvements over the first tape, besides the fact that this one is twenty minutes long, is unlike the last one, there's no distracting TV so we can just enjoy hearing Linni's moans and man can she moan; that's probably what makes this tape so enjoyable is hearing how into it she is.
The angle is also better then the last one allowing us to savor and feast upon both of them. They also do more positions; missionary, doggy and cowgirl and thanks to the angle we really get to enjoy Kristian's amazing ass as he thrusts in and out of her. I'm serious, this guy has the best ass in the world! I would pay good money to see that ass get eaten or even fucked by a strap-on or dude. And the view we get of Linni's tits-the greatest tits in all of Norway and the entire world I might add-especially when she's riding him, well let me just say if you are a non-believer you will soon convert!

Watching this tape you do have to wonder why they broke up. The passion and love between them is real and you really do get turned on by knowing that you are watching a real couple make true and real love. They are both great lays and clearly enjoy having sex with each other.
The only thing I didn't like, and it's the same problem I had with the Henrik and Rebekah tape, is there is no cum shot, the tape ends as Kristian is over her, jerking his dick off. I would have loved to see Linni get a facial or get his cum on his tits and it would have been nice to see him finish. But that still doesn't detract from the enjoyability of this tape.
If you are a fan of true amateur stuff, are a voyeur like me and enjoy watching real couples fuck, a Big Brother fan or just a fan of watching hot young, early twenties beautiful people doing what hot young, early twenties beautiful people do best then this tape will definitely be saved in your favorites list.
It's such a shame neither of them went into porn but, as both of them are married now, we can only hope that maybe some more tapes will "leak." ;)
And as an added bonus, here's two videos of Kristian in the shower from his time in The Big Brother Norway house.
This is just one of him showering:
And here's the one where he got a blow job and had some fun with Angelica. Lucky bitch. LOL. And this one offers a great view of his ass and you'll see why I go nuts over it!
Grade: A+


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