Monday, June 29, 2015

Paul Canon Sends Out Racist Tweets, Breaks Up With Damien Kyle

Anyone who knows me knows that one thing I can't stand are racists and ignorant bigots, I don't care if you're racist against people because of their skin color or religious beliefs or sexual orientation; heterophobes, homophobes, biphobes, transphobes, lesbophobes, if you spout hate I have no use for you and I will gleefully do all I can to make sure EVERYONE knows what an ignorant asshole you are and use whatever clout I have to ruin whatever career you may be hanging on to.
Anyway, off the soap box.
So this little gem was actually brought to my attention by Paul and Damien's former agent over at 211 Models and apparently they had a HUGE falling out with 211, it's gotten to where the company is denying they ever even repped Damien! Juicy right?
Anyway, I was sent this link and was shocked:
Not only does he refer to black people as "colored" he then says it's okay to use that term because we've come a long way from segregation and then he says what every racist says when you call them out on their shit: "I'm not a racist", this is after he compared having sex with black people to "fucking a retarded goat." And he even goes as far as to say he's only attracted to "beautiful" people which "cuts out certain races." Meanwhile he looks like the cowardly lion on crack and his boyfriend or husband or whatever little fake term he was looks like a plucked chicken.
Well a ton of outrage started, of course, and even Diesel Washington sent a nice fuck you Tweet to them which I love!
People were calling for gay porn fans to not watch their scenes or support any studio that hires them and yours truly even took to Twitter to reach out to bloggers to not review their scenes and reached out to some of the studios that have hired, Next Door Studios, Broke Straight Boys-to not employ them again.
This comes after Damien Kyle sent out these transphobic Tweets about Caitlyn Jenner: and
But it gets better, shortly after his racist Tweets Paul Tweeted, and then deleted, that he and Damien had broken up and he was "betrayed." And I say boo-fucking-whoo. That's called karma and his fake little "husband" probably realized that he lost his meal ticket. Although to be fair they were reduced to begging people to pay for Skype sessions with them from what I hear. Well let's see how long it is before Damien goes on a blind Twitter rant against Paul and calls him scum and a liar and trash like he did when they were fired from Broke Straight Boys and 211 Models.
I urge all gay porn fans please do not support these two idiot. Racism is a big part of the industry. It is already hard for non-white performers to find employment and get equal pay and in gay porn it is hard enough for black men to do porn other then thug porn. So please, if you Skype with them, send them money, buy their book whatever, just remember you are supporting racists and Damien has said some pretty homophobic and racist shit himself in the past. You may as well just hang up a confederate flag and send your money to the KKK. And I urge all the studios and directors and performers please do not support bigots! There are so many more deserving, talented, humble, nice and better looking performers who could use the work and will be grateful.



  1. It's no more racist for a white guy not to be attracted to black men, than it is homophobic for a straight guy not to be attracted to other men.

    1. Lol wow it's like you did'nt even read the whole thing you're trying to pull the classic preference defence but it's not just preference when he compares African American men to "retarded goats"..