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Exclusive Interview With Helix Hopeful Nickey Vega!

So this is an exciting first for the blog. I've interviewed performers just starting out, performers who are established, performers who have been in jail and even a publicist but I never thought I'd interview someone who hasn't even broken INTO the industry yet but that's just what I decided to do with sexy, friendly eighteen year old Helix hopeful Nickey Vega.
Vega actually found me through the blog and then contacted me on Twitter about applying to work for Helix, his favorite studio. I walked him through the application process, gave him feedback on his pictures-he has a GREAT body guys trust me, if he doesn't get into Helix or the industry there truly is no God-and, much to my great joy we have actually become friends and, in a world full of me-centric eighteen year olds who think the world owes them and thinks they're already stars and socialites I found Vega to be refreshingly grounded, humble and an absolute joy to talk to and I promise you, and him, that I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make his dreams of porn a reality.
So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Nickey Vega!

JOE: Why do you want to get into the industry? When did you first realize that porn was what you wanted to do?

NICKEY: I think the moment I realized I wanted to do adult entertainment was when I stumbled upon Helix's very own Evan Parker, the way Helix portrayed their models made me immediately entertain the idea and after a while I decided to just do it.

JOE: Why do you want to work with Helix? How long have you been a fan of the studios? Favorite Helix boy?

NICKEY: Helix Studios was what made me want to get into adult entertainment to begin with so it seemed only natural to look at them first and I wasn't disappointed its still number one on my list as far as content and the caliber of models. I have been a fan for about four years now, I mean lets face it who starts watching porn at eighteen? My favorite Helix boy? Well honestly I cant decide. It's neck and neck between Davey Brooks and Greco Rai.

JOE: Who would your dream scene partner be and what would your ultimate dream scene be?

NICKEY: My dream scene partner would be Greco Rai not only because he is extremely adorable but he also happens to be my height haha. My dream scene with him would have to be the two of us in a boarding school setting, starting by studying together while dropping seductive hints and so forth until we begin having suffocating and passionate sex that could get us expelled! And now you all know what I get off to in my head, mission accomplished.

JOE: Are there any specific things you won't do on camera? For example: barebacking? BDSM? DP? Bisexual? ETC, if so why?

NICKEY: I don't think I would do anything to extreme when it comes to BDSM, I find spanking and bareback enjoyable and I cant speak for the future but as of now I haven't been with a girl and have no interest in changing that.

JOE: Do your family and friends know what you want to do? If so was it hard to tell them? If not do you think it will be hard to keep this a secret?

NICKEY: My brother and a couple of friends know, it wasn't hard telling them because I am comfortable with them so I kind of just blurted it out and that was that.

JOE: A lot of young performers try to use porn to gain some status of celebrity and cross over to mainstream work, do you have any aspirations to either do mainstream modeling or acting or move to LA?

NICKEY: Actually yes the film capital is my overall goal, I highly enjoy writing and acting and would love to make it a career.

JOE: Some performers supplement their income and gain fans by go-go dancing, escorting, doing web cam shows and even modeling for companies like Andrew Christian, do any of those things appeal to you? Would we ever see you as an AC modeling or go go dancing in a club?

NICKEY: I think so, if all goes well I would like every opportunity to entertain the fans, having a chance to interact with them is more of a gift to me then anything.

JOE: What are your overall goals for porn? Is this just for fun to say you did it? Are you looking to make a career of it? Do you want to eventually direct or open up your own studio? Are you hoping to be nominated and even win some of the various porn awards?

NICKEY: As of right now I want to do porn out of pure enjoyment however if given the chance I would love to go all the way with it.

JOE: Have you done any kind of porn before? Either erotic modeling? Cam shows? If so what did you think of it?

NICKEY: I have done some cam work here and there but I think the coolest experience was a nude photo shoot I did with artist Brandon Dean.

JOE: When you do start to work in the industry what sexual role will you take? Top? Bottom? Vers? And what made you decide to take this role?

NICKEY: I am planning on taking vers up as my role in the industry, in my personal relationships I have more experience as a top but never the less I would scream at the chance to bottom for let's say? oh I don't know, EVAN PARKER!

JOE: Who are your porn heroes? Any performers you look up to or admire?

NICKEY:  I think the model I admire the most would have to Greco Rai, he has a well rounded awesome personality and he is never afraid to talk with fans via Twitter, he's just really down to earth.

JOE: Are there any studios besides Helix that you'd like to work for?

NICKEY: I must admit I haven't really looked at other studios like I have Helix but if I had to say any other studio I would say Boycrush.

JOE: Do you have a certain type of guy you're sexually attracted to? Do you worry about ever being paired up with someone you're not attracted to or with someone that you don't have chemistry with? How would you deal with those problems?

NICKEY: Well I usually fall for either the skinny twinks or semi athletic guys like Evan Parker or Blake not a fan of hunks or really muscular guys. I think I would handle working with some one that wasn't my type pretty well,  I mean first and foremost it's a job and you aren't always going to like your co workers but that has to be set aside for the good of the product

JOE: What do you do in your spare time?

NICKEY: In my spare time I like to watch and collect movies,  I started last year and have 120 titles. Now it's a passion  and when I'm not doing that I'm writing poems or stories.

JOE: You already have a stage name, Nickey Vega, where did that come from?

NICKEY: I won't lie to you I got Nickey Vega by putting together names on a random name generator, I just clicked and rolled with it.

JOE: Was it difficult to take the first step to contact me and start to pursue your dream? Any doubts? Fears? Or did you just realize "this is what I want to do" and you just went for it?

NICKEY: Not at all, by the time I contacted you I was 100% that it's what I wanted to do,  I can only  say I was nervous about your response.

JOE: If you don't get into the industry what is your plan B?

NICKEY: If I don't manage to get into the industry I think my plan B would be to go directly into school for film, Something I want to do either way. If that goes down the drain then my last choice would be to continue into law.  I'm currently a paralegal in training for the U.S. Army Reserve and I've always had a place in my heart for the justice system.

JOE: Do you have a website or anyway that future fans can keep in contact with you and see your career progress and growth?

NICKEY: My website isn't up yet,  I'm still working on cranking out some good content before that, I recently made an Instagram and a Facebook but the best way to track my progress would be Twitter, I'd love to hear from the fans and interact with them I respond as often as I can @Nickeyvega

JOE: What is something that would surprise fans and people in the industry about you?

NICKEY: Well I'm not quite sure what fans would find surprising but I guess I would say that I'm not much of a size fanatic, I find that a pretty face can turn me on faster than any other part of the body.

JOE: Some performers, especially young performers, fall into the trap of thinking they are more famous then they really are or start to consider themselves "A listers" and compare themselves to  mainstream celebrities, are you worried about falling into this trap? You seem very grounded and humbled, do you think you will stay grounded if you become a star in the industry?

NICKEY: My mom was a prime example of humility she taught me that no matter what you accomplished in life you must always stay humble and thank God for the opportunity you are given.  I don't think that lesson will ever be erased from my mind and I hope to never think of myself as better than anyone else.

JOE: This is just for my own ego and curiosity but how did you find my blog? Are you a fan of porn blogs? If so which ones do you frequent?

NICKEY: I'm not at all a fan of porn blogs I usually just follow the models them selves but to boost your ego you were the first result on a Google Search so you must be doing something right.

JOE: We have recently seen a huge number of young performers, in my opinion abuse, online campaigns like GoFundMe to get people to buy them cars, houses, furniture for apartments, clothes, vacations, etc, what are your feelings on this?

NICKEY: In my opinion tools like GoFundMe and Kickstarter are great ways to push out specific projects that fans would enjoy and so forth, and when it comes to situations like the one I heard recently on your blog where a model needed help to get a place to live I'm all for it.  However I think theses tools should never be abused to just buy yourself something nice.

JOE: The porn industry in LA has been making headlines with the condom law controversies, barebacking and even Prep, do you have any thoughts on these issues?

NICKEY: I can totally understand why these issues are so important especially after how we a gay community have evolved. Allot of people are afraid to fall back to the days were STDs and STIs spread like the common flu. I think it's very important to protect everyone, but if a studio wants to produce a bareback scene and they are prepared to do the proper protections and procedures then why stop them?

JOE: Are you worried about what kind of impact a career in the industry may have on your friendships or even future relationships?

NICKEY: I don't see the industry having a negative effect on my friendships, in fact I can only see myself making even more friends with models,  directors and fans. On the other hand though I acknowledge that there are some people that have a problem with being in a relationship with some one in the industry and to each his own, I just hope who ever the jelly to my peanut butter is that he doesn't have a problem with me performing.

JOE: Any last words you'd like to say to the people reading this?

NICKEY: Personally I'd like thank you Joe for helping me out this far and being an overall amazing person.I want to thank Brandon Dean for the photo shoot and my brother for being so supportive. I'd also like to ask any fans to take the next step and become FRIENDS, because fans is a one way street and that's boring. I'm not afraid to reply and interact with all my potential friends on my social medias and answer any questions to the best of my ability. I hope to be at Helix soon and once again thanks for everything Joe.

I'd like to thank Nickey for taking the time to speak to me and let everyone in the industry and all the fans get a taste of him. I have a feeling he is going to go far and I am beyond excited to see the progress and rise of this young man's career!


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