Monday, March 2, 2015

Update On The Michael Hoffman/Brent Everett Controversy

So earlier today I posted about Michal's new video in which he claims that he didn't give Brent Everett or Steve Pena permission to re-sell his jerk-off videos. Well know the good folks over at Str8upgayporn have just posted this:
Now instead of this just being a matter of ethics there's now a whole legality situation behind this too. Brent Everett and other sites that have been selling the videos, at huge mark ups from what they paid for them, they have branded the images and videos with their logos and used Hoffman's videos to get people to pay for memberships to their sites. They need Michael's written permission to do this which, according to Michael, he never gave them.
Brent Everett reportedly has not responded to queries regarding the matter but the good folks over at Str8upgayporn received this from Steve Pena; Brent's partner and business manager:
"Steve Pena, Personnel Manager and Director of Public Relations for the company (and husband of Brent Everett) began discussions with Michael Hoffman in mid-December 2014 regarding possible collaboration with him to produce videos for the company. He made it clear that he was acting on behalf of the company and not as a private individual.
He offered Michael Hoffman $8,000 to $10,000 to act as model/performer in gay adult scenes for Mr. Hoffman declined this offer. Steve Pena then offered to represent Michael Hoffman in order to obtain non-gay, non-adult nightclub appearances for him. Mr. Hoffman declined this offer as well.
Following this, Michael Hoffman offered to sell Steve Pena, acting for the company, 14 high definition videos of himself exercising and masturbating for $250. Steve Pena accepted this offer and the videos were paid for using PayPal. It is our understanding that Mr. Hoffman also offered to sell these videos to others."
Now legally Pena and Everett can say that Hoffman gave them implied consent since he knew he was dealing with a porn producer and a performer who runs a website.
However another little legality comes up: Pena and Everett do not provide Hoffman's proof of age. And while they didn't film Hoffman jerking off, they are distributing the materials which makes them secondary producers which means they still have to keep a record of Hoffman's age at the time of production.
So what do you guys think of this? Legal? Illegal? Should Hoffman get a lawyer and sue? Did Everett and Pena act under implied consent? Let me know your thoughts.


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