Saturday, March 21, 2015

Breaking News: University Of Ghana In The Middle Of Gay Porn Scandal

So here's a story that sounds like a plot for an episode of SVU.
Allegedly Black4Blacks Productions, producers of gay porn movies, have been reportedly praying on students at the University of Ghana and jobless, illiterate young men in the surrounding areas; getting them to perform in gay porn movies which includes kissing, caressing, sucking, licking and fucking, and then not paying them or paying them half of the agreed upon rate; gee nice to know the gay porn studios in Africa pull the same shit that some of the studios here in America do. Sorry, that sounded more bitter and cynical than I meant it.
So far University students have been identified in at least 10 films. The Ghanaian producer, who ironically lives at the Christian Village in the capital Accra, and his white foreign colleague promise the men Gh¢4500 but are only getting paid Gh¢2000.
One of the performers also said that the producers promised that the films would not be released in Africa and the films would only be available to watch by credit card holders.
The full story can be read here:
Okay this really makes me mad that these people are taking advantage of these poor (literally) desperate people and naïve young kids. Especially in a place like Africa where they could be put to death for doing this kind of stuff. I really hope that the authorities in the matter truly are on the victims side and put a stop to this.
And to also play devil's advocate, I hope that the victims, and I'm not blaming them at all, have also learned not to do anything with the promise of money. Look I get it. We all go through hard times. We all get desperate. We all get blinded by money but I think this could be a good lesson for all of us, me included, that sometimes the money, or the promise of the money, is not worth the consequences.
At any rate, I do hope the victims are able to move forward, get on with their lives and that this kind of gross sexual exploitation of people is soon put to an end.
What do you guys think? Leave me some thoughts below.


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