Friday, March 20, 2015

Here Are Your 2015 Hookie Award Winners!

Another year another Hookie International Escort Awards gone. Congratulations to all the winners!
Called "The Oscars Of Escorting" this year's ceremony was held in New York and hosted by drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck, who I actually worked with about 5 years ago here in LA, and comedian Brad Loekle. The event was streamed live via RentBoy and included such memorable things as Kurtis Wolfe stripping after winning Best Body, hey he's gotta show the other nominees why they lost, Leo Sweetwood accepting his word while he was talking to his mom on the phone, and Marc MacNamara throwing this jab at Michael Lucas while presenting the Best Bear Award: "we better be careful or Michael Lucas is going to come up here; we said bear not bareback. Sit down queen."
Loekle has been getting, mostly, praise for co-hosting. People are saying that he was quick on his feet and kept the show moving. The only complaint I've heard is some people thought he used the word faggot one time too many.
Unfortunately for Thunderfuck the majority of comments I've seen are saying she was not funny and many people are speculating if she was on drugs or drunk during the ceremony. Poor Alaska. I hope that was just an act she was trying to pull that fell flat and that she wasn't really fucked up during it.
Everyone's favorite porn mama mr. Pam was also present at the ceremony :)
Oh and can I just say how fucking cool are these award statues? It makes me want to put up a RentBoy ad just so I can be nominated and win one. In fact, I think I may do just that. I could easily win best ass and best cock. Sweet Lord Jesus I need to aim higher in my life ;) :P just kidding. But seriously, after I post this I'm setting up a RentBoy ad so I'm eligible for next year's awards.
Anyhoot.......Without further ado here are your 2015 Hookie Award Winners!

Best Twink: Shameless Seamus

Best Newcomer: (TIE) Patrick Michaels and Viktor Belmont

Best Porn Star: Aleks Buldocek

Best Fetish/Kink: Brian Bonds

Best Top: Austin Wolf

Best Body: Kurtis Wolfe

Best Bear: (TIE) Ted Burns and Will Foster

Best Dressed/Style: Boomer Banks

Best Bottom: Duncan Black

Best Daddy: Chris Roberts

Best Ass: Tyson Tyler

Best Cock: Rocco Steele

Best Boyfriend Fantasy: Mark DeMarko

Best Social Media: Leo Sweetwood

Best Personal Website: Nick Sterling

Mr. International: Rocco Steele

Congrats to all the winners and nominees and see you guys next year!



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