Friday, March 20, 2015

Amia Miley And Peta Jensen Cast In True Detective Orgy Scene

So more mainstream news and this one is creating a lot of buzz around Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Amia Miley and Peta Jensen were recently cast and filmed a huge orgy scene for a season two episode of True Detective. The most ironic twist to this story thought? Amia and Peta don't get naked for the scene, which was filmed over several days this past week at a mansion in Pasadena.
All of the actors involved with the series have signed non-disclosure contracts so no one is talking about the scene or just how racy it gets but the series is on HBO so hopefully the scene will be pushing the envelope and we'll get lots of full frontal shots of sexy male and female extras.
Rumors are circulating that Amia and Peta's hiring has "nothing to do with their involvement in the porn industry" but they were both hired through the same extra's casting service that provided all of the background actors for the scene.
No word yet on if any of the other background actors also work in the industry but I did find out, through the article, that Amia was in the Power Rangers reboot video that blew up Facebook last month.
For the full article, which includes a link to Amia's Power Ranger video click here:
Now hopefully the hunky Taylor Kitsch, who co-stars on True Detective, will do that full frontal nudity he wanted to do when he was in The Savages ;)


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