Thursday, March 26, 2015

Breaking News! Jarec Wentworth Formally Charged With Felony Extortion

The good folks over at Str8upgayporn have broken the news that The Grand Jury has formally charged Jarec Wentworth, real name Teofil Brank with felony extortion charges. The indictment also says that if found guilty, Brank will have to forfeit all property and money received from the victim to The U.S. government in order to pay back the $500,000 he already, allegedly, extorted from the victim.
Brank is due in court again tomorrow morning to have a hearing to see if he will remain in custody pending pre-trial.
He is being held at a federal detention center here in LA where they have misspelled his name as Toefil which, I know I'm going to Hell for this, I laughed at and found funny. To read the full story and the indictment head on over here:
More updates on this bizarre case as they become available.


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