Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spotlight On My Favorite Female Black Porn Star: Misty Stone!

Since I'm going to her birthday party tonight in Hollywood and if I would have got cast in the last season of Co-Ed Confidential we would have worked together, I figure who better to spotlight today then my favorite, the incredibly beautiful Misty Stone!

She was born on March 26th 1986 as Michelle Lynn Hall in Inglewood, California. She spent some of her childhood in Omaha but moved back to Los Angeles where she attended Crenshaw High School her junior and senior years. A self-described tomboy, Stone was on the varsity basketball team. Go Cougars!
She originally wanted to be an accountant.
In 2006 she entered the industry and quickly became known as The Halle Berry of the porn industry because of her crossover appeal. I personally think she is a hundred times hotter than Halle but hey to each their own.
Stone has said that she was always interested in acting but didn't really get to indulge it until she was cast as Denise in the 2009 Cosby Show parody. She has also portrayed Oprah, Scary Spice, Oda Mae Brown and Loretta Brown in various parodies.
Stone describes her famous look as afro-centric 70s and has also said that it was inspired by Pam Grier.

In 2013 Misty co-hosted the XRCO Awards with Ed Powers and also the Nightmoves Awards with Ron Jeremy. Stone would win the Nightmoves Award that year for Best Ethnic Performer-Editor's Choice.
Aside from that, she is also an Urban X Award winner, CAVR Award winner for Hottie Of The Year and a two time Xbiz and twelve time AVN Award nominee!
In February of 2014 Misty announced that she was working on doing more mainstream productions and would only be doing solos and girl/girl scenes in porn. Later that year, in December, she was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month and was featured on the cover. Her pictorial was shot by photographer Holly Randal.

Misty has always been very outspoken about the unequal treatment of ethnic performers in the industry and how they are paid significantly less. She has also talked openly about how these asinine practices are even upheld by some of the ethnic production companies. Stone has been very vocal about crediting her agent, James Bartholet from Galaxy Publicity And Management, as being the reason why she gets paid substantially higher per scene then some of the other black actresses in the business.
In 2013 she launched her own production company called, appropriately enough The Misty Stone Productions. She also produces and sells her own line of organic beauty products which includes a body butter candle-child you know I'm gonna spend all my royalty checks ordering her products!
Stone's body was also molded for a line of sex toys and she was the first black performer to be molded for The Fleshlight.
Aside from her hardcore films, Stone has appeared on Zane's Sex Chronicles and, as I mentioned earlier the last season of Co-Ed Confidential; I'm still bitter I wasn't cast and we didn't get to act together! She was also in the film and accompanying book by photographer Deborah Anderson, Aroused. Stone has also appeared in VH1's Basketball Wives, Sexy Warriors, Don Jon and the season 7 premier of Sons of Anarchy and she lent her voice to a character in Grand Theft Auto 5.
Quite a list of achievements and she's still going strong!
Misty happy happy birthday and see you tonight girl!


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