Monday, March 30, 2015

Breaking News: Lukas Grande And Jack Rayder Retiring From Porn

Heartbreaking day for all you CockyBoy fans as Jack took to Twitter a couple days to announce his and Lukas' retirement from the industry-at least for a little while so there's hope that it's not a permanent retirement-citing the reason as a strained relationship.
I have to say I have to applaud both of them for being adult enough to put their relationship before their careers, fame and money. I don't know many people who would do that and I think it shows a maturity and love that we could all learn from.
It can be hard to have a relationship in the porn industry, even when both partners are involved. No matter how secure the relationship is or how much trust you have, it's human tendency to get jealous.
I wish both of them well and I hope that they can get over whatever rough patches their relationship is facing. To see the Tweet click here:
Love both of you Cocky Boys. Mwah!


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