Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spotlight On Kristi Myst

If you were a fan of XPW or their porn company Extreme Associates then chances are you were familiar with and were a fan of Kristi Myst. I actually really liked her but man I gotta tell you I never thought she belonged with either of those companies. There was just something about her that was almost too pure and too virginal and too innocent for XPW and Extreme Associates but maybe that's what the appeal was and that's why she worked for them.
Anyway, she was born on December 25th 1973 in Solvang California as Jeanette Dollar and was working as a dental assistant and trying to make ends meet when she decided to enter the adult entertainment world. She did a cover shoot for Hustler magazine and layouts in High Society and New Wave before making her adult film debut in 1996.
Her best known films are the Buffy The Vampire Layer series of films and one of the films, Buffy Down Under, is the highest selling Australian produced adult film of all time. She also stated in an interview that she enjoyed working with Anna Malle (rest in peace girl) in Buffy's Anal Adventure because of how dominate and insatiable Anna was. Kristi said in the interview that she's submissive and likes a woman who can take charge of her.

Myst stated in an interview for Hustler that she was bisexual and that even though she preferred men she loved working with women.
In 1999 she made the move to pro wrestling and began working for XPW where she feuded with Lizzie Bordan, who was also one of the owners of Extreme Associates and directed Myst in many the films she made for the company. Myst was also present when XPW infamously raided an ECW show and began fighting with the staff of ECW which culminated in the XPW wrestlers being escorted out of the event.

In 2001 she appeared on Missy Hyatt's adult site Wrestling Vixxxens with Tammy Lynn Sytch; Sytch later stated that she regretted appearing on the site.
Also in 2001 she won The AVN Award For Best Anal Sex Scene for her work in Extreme Associates' In The Days Of Whore. I can only imagine what it must have been like for her to win this award as this is the infamous film that made her decide to leave the business. In the film Myst is gang banged in a scene that involves urophagia. She infamously broke down on the set and actually wanted to walk off the film and quit the business rather than complete the scene. Here are two caps from what has become known as the extreme gang bang:

I really debated and struggled with even posting those but decided to do so to make a point. Now get ready cause The Foxxxy gonna go on one of Big Mama's famous soap box rants. People, those caps above are not sexy! There is nothing erotic with seeing someone show real fear and real disgust and real sadness while getting fucked. Fucking should be enjoyable, gang bangs should be fun. The submissive or the one being gang banged should always be, and feel like they are, in control. Just like I have a problem with Haze Him and Fraternity X I don't want to watch porn to see someone look terrified and not enjoy it. I don't find that sexy, I don't find that erotic and in my mind it's basically rape and the worst kind of exploitation. I know there are people out there who get off on that sort of thing but it breaks my heart that this movie took such a toll on her body and mind that she literally snapped on set. Okay rant over.
In 2001 Myst left the industry. Her final film was Extremely Yours, Kristi Myst. She stated that she retired to raise her child and mend her marriage. In her time in the industry she was a three time AVN nominee, a 4 time XRCO nominee and one time XRCO winner and she was also an FICEB Ninfa Award Winner.
In the spring of 2001 she appeared on the TV show Moral Court.
In 2005 Kristi did an interview in which she described herself as a full time mom and a fan of X-Men comics.
I for one am happy that she is doing well and, from what I hear, is happy and healthy.



  1. Those last two screen shots are NOT from the Days of Whore video. You know, the one with lepers pissing on her

  2. Her last flick couldn't have been Extremely, Yours since that was a comp. One of my all time favs.