Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Have You Voted For The Prowler Awards Yet?

Because I just did! :D
Okay so I must admit this is a gay porn award show that even I haven't heard of so I did some digging and I found out why. This is only the second year it's been held. It started last year in 2014 and is for British porn stars, studios and directors. I think that's awesome and I hope the show is a huge success and continues to grow.
Unfortunately the categories are not that many, only 17, and there isn't that much diversity in the categories. I noticed that a lot of the performers are nominated in more than one category and that a lot of the studios show up in multiple categories not that that's necessarily a bad thing but it just makes me wonder are there really this few porn stars in The U.K.?
So anyway, you can vote by going here: http://www.prowlerpornawards.com/ and if you are in The U.K. the awards ceremony is being held on March 26th at 8PM at The Shadow Lounge; I like the name of that place. Sounds like a great place to hold sexy porn awards. ;)
Now I must admit I am not familiar with most of the people nominated so, just like when I vote in the elections, I based my votes entirely off looks and just picked the hottest one ;)
So here are my votes, if you guys vote let me know who you picked in the comments below and if any of you go drop me a comment and let me know how it was.

Joe's Votes For The 2015 Prowler Awards:
Best British Twink: Mickey Taylor
Best British Stud: Dan Broughton
Best British Daddy: Sebastian Kane (I voted for him because he has my glasses)
Best British Fetish Porn Star: Bruno Bernal
Best British Newcomer: Marco Duval
Best British Website: Boynapped (I voted for this because it sounds like a title I'd give one of my books)
Best British Director: Michael Burlin (again voted for him because he has my glasses too)
Best British Onscreen Couple: Mickey Taylor and Riley Tess
Hottest British Pornstar: Paul Walker (he kind of resembles Paul Pratt which is why I voted for him; Hell maybe it is Paul Pratt I'll have to look into this....)
Best British Scene: Stretched (voted because I'm into DP)
Best British Fetish Film: Snatched 2 (voted because the cover made me laugh. Seriously look at the cover you will laugh until you pee. Then you'll probably laugh at that. I did.)
Best British Porn DVD: Ruined. (Had the most hot guys on the cover and, from the looks, most diverse cast)
Best International Pornstar: Kris Evans (was hard because I know some of the others. I just closed my eyes and pointed)
Best British Top: Paul Walker
Best British Bottom: JP Dubois (this was a hard category. There's more hot bottoms then there are tops. Guess it makes sense. When you're in doggy style with your face in the pillow you don't have to look at who's fucking you)
Best Online Media Supporting British Porn: Cybersocket (again hard because I know and like most of the outlets in the category. So, just like in the last presidential election I closed my eyes and pointed)

Congrats to all the nominees and good luck!


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