Sunday, March 15, 2015

Somebody Give CockBoy Jack Rayder A Record Deal! NOW!

Okay, I must admit before stumbling onto this link I did not know who Jack Rayder was and, I must also admit, when people were raving about how great his voice was and what an amazing singer he was I prepared to hear someone suck and sing out of tune but now, child I am a fan honey!
Wow! All I can say is I was not expecting that. This kid has talent, real talent. He has heart, soul and depth and I am so glad that he is sharing his gift with the world and I sincerely hope that someone discovers him and signs him because, honey, he will make millions. He also seems like a genuinely nice and likable guy which only appeals to him.
Hey Jack, if you read this, my publicist Dani Thompson is amazing and she has a lot of connections in music and handles a lot of musical artists. You should give her a call. Tell her I referred you to her.
If you guys want to hear a cover that's better than the original click here: I've already subscribed to his channel.
Jack, I'm anxiously waiting for your next cover! Keep it up!


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