Friday, March 6, 2015

Lucas, Former Corbin Fisher Star, Accused Of Ripping Of Contractor Clients

Awwwww if this is true it breaks my heart. I remember this guy when he was working for Corbin Fisher and I really liked him though there always seemed to be a sadness and darkness behind his eyes.
Anyway, the folks over at Banana Guide are reporting that former Corbin Fisher model Lucas, real name Rudolph Ludemann has disappeared after allegedly cheating a contractor client out of $14,000.
The client, Josh Enyart, says that Rudy is a friend of a friend and that he hired him to do a renovation on his house. He paid him the money and now Ludemann is gone. Enyart is quoted as saying that he "has no floor" and a number of other jobs were started but "not a single one was finished."
Enyart has turned to the local news channels to ask for help in locating Ludemann.
More on this as I find updates.
Ludemann worked for Corbin Fisher for five years, 2005-2010, before moving to Kansas City to become a contractor.
I seriously hope this is just a really fucked up misunderstanding and that Ludemann makes this right before he gets in too much deeper.
If any of you reading this know anything to help Enyart locate Rudy contact the Kansas City authorities.
Full article as well as links to the Kansas City news report can be found here:


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