Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CumFundMe.Com Launches In 14 Days

So it looks like someone finally got smart and decided to make a profit off all the porn stars-mostly young gay twinks-using GoFundMe and Indigogo to raise money for everything from paying their rents, buying cars, funding cross country road trips to even buying passes to Disneyland. This Tweet was posted a bit ago: https://twitter.com/CumFundMe/status/582968652057722881 with a link leading to this site: http://cumfundme.com/#
As the site says it is CrowdFunding for the adult entertainment industry and promises to be "the world's biggest adult entertainment fundraising website." I think this is a good idea for studios and directors looking to fund their films but I can see every greedy, dirt poor wannabe A list celebrity twink using this to take advantage of poor suckers who will pay for their new designer shades. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm old and can't find anyone to pay for my new designer shades. HAHA. Thoughts?


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