Friday, March 20, 2015

Ginger Lynn Set To Appear In Rob Zombie's Latest Horror Film 31

This was sent to my Facebook page this morning and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Porn goddess, Ginger Lynn, has been reported as being set to appear in Rob Zombie's latest horror film 31. Lynn previously worked with Zombie on The Devil's Rejects as Captain Howdy's dream girl Fanny.
According to the folks over at Lynn has been cast as a villain named Cherry Bomb. I personally can not wait for this one. I am a huge Rob Zombie fan and it's always been a dream of mine to be in one of his movies and I'm also a big fan of Ginger's and love her mainstream work as much as I loved her work in the adult industry.
The film sounds like an even more fucked up version of Saw with 5 strangers being kidnapped and held in a place called Murder World. There are no rules except one, they have to play a game called 31. The game is simple, in order to survive, the 5 strangers must kill their opponents. The game lasts for 12 hours and the winner is set free. All of this takes place during the 5 days leading up to The High Holy Day: Halloween. And just who are the opponents? A group of clowns known as The Heads.
I'm getting excited just typing this. I for one can't wait for this and can't wait to see what sick, twisted things Ginger does in this film, with a name like Cherry Bomb, you know she's gonna be pulling some shit and look AMAZING! Imagine how much fun they can have with her makeup, dialogue and costumes!
For the full story, head on over here:
Congrats to both Rob and Ginger. Can't wait for the film!


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